Monday, 30 December 2013

New Year Shopping Haul : On.The.Button

It's officially 31st of December !  NEW YEAR's EVE ! So did you make the end of the days count ?  Well, I'm trying my best to make what's left of 2013 count. Feeling a little more happier and excited for the new year.. Not sure what 2014 has got install for me !  HAHA. 

Anyways, since it's at the end of the year. & most of the festive season are during this time. Which is when i usually do all my shopping. On and off line.. :D Worked so hard through out the year, now it's time to treat ourselves right?  SHOPPING TIME !  (... hmmmm.. but actually le, i go shopping almost every month..) but not the same la, that one is monthly shopping, this is yearly shopping. Totally different ! HAHA! Words of a shopaholic ! 
While we are on the topic of shopping, wanted to just share an Online Shop that i recently found.  

There have a FB shop  (click >> OnTheButton ). 

Nowadays, everyone being to tech-savy, everyone is opening their business online. So you can literally buy anything online. However, because it's such a big business, it's quite hard to find a shop that caters to your needs.. Cause sometimes, people are willing to pay more for better quality but other might just be looking at the price and not the quality. So it really depends on what kind of shopper you are. :)
Personally, I really don't mind paying a little extra, for better quality and service. Because imagine you get that item for a cheaper price and you have to wait like 2 months for it to come sometimes longer and then it might have default, then need send back.. or refund ! (walao, I really hate when this type of things happens when I'm doing online shopping ! )

Getting back to the introduction of the Online Shop.. (sorry for my random complaining ! ) How i found On.The.Button was because one of my High School friend actually invited me to like this online shop.. then (.. because friend ma.. )  so go in and see and check out the shop.. But at first i didn't know that it was my friend's Online shop. haha.. until when i was asking the price of the boots, only i found out that it was my friend. HAHA ! I was actually looking at many many stores.. but always hesitate to buy. So i found that On.The.Button was selling the one i wanted. So i quickly told my friend that i wanted to order, (just so you know, this is not an advertorial, it's all base on my own opinion. : D ) I didn't hesitate to buy the shoes cause my friend who open this online shop is quite particular when it comes to the quality of a product.. (So can really trust her de *wink.. )

Really love the shoes alot ! It's really good quality and surprisingly it was quite comfortable ! haha.. 

If you're looking for a place to shop you should definitely go check them out on their :

They sell really nice and cool korean outfits. Really love all their cardigan and sweaters.. 

Because my friend knew I started blogging, She's so nice that she's actually giving 5% Discount on all her items !!  Just quote my name "Originalkerchi" when you order any items then you will automatically get a 5% rebate ! Chun right ?  hehe. 
So don't forget to LIKE them on Facebook & FOLLOW them on Instagram !

My *almost going to fall pose  ! Like seriously, i almost fall.. But didn't la :D
// Hat from h&m // Pug Top from Zara (Birthday gift from Sister !) // Black skinny from h&m // Black Boots from On.The.Button// 

That's all ladies, Happy shopping. 
& Happy New Year ~

Friday, 27 December 2013

Picking my brains

Omg, it's been so long since i updated my blog about myself.. I've been rushing al my event post that i owe (still got one more post that i haven't submitted yet.. haha. Will get on it soon, after this ya ! )
New year is approaching soon , and 2013 have been such a big change for me. all the goods and bads.. I guess god is taking me out from my comfort zone.. cause i've been so scare to move and try new things..

I have so much things on my mind, it feels like there are 101 things running through my mind . I really want to express it out, but i just don't know how ?! I have tried talking, crying, laughing... but things doesn't seem to get better.. because of this i have serious mood swings. Can't even decide whether I'm happy or sad..
The other day when i had lunch with Rachel, she told me that i used to be really happy and always randomly greet people.. But i can't even remember the last time i was really happy. I know it sounds like i'm having depression. HAHA. typing it out now, seems like i'm having some mental break down, but it's not that serious la ! Nothing to worry about, it's actually small matter, just sometimes with my puny brain i tend to over think and over speculate !
You're probably wondering what BS i'm talking about and why I'm biting around the bush and not getting straight to the point. HAHA! I also not sure le.. XD.. This is what i mean when i can't express myself. T.T ! But even despite with my crazy mood swings, I still have friends beside me to cheer me up. I know they are really trying their best to make me happy.. But I guess, deep inside me, I'm just not ready to be happy yet. I don't know.. ( & the phrase " I don't know.. " Is the TOP sentences i use recently.. !) But it's the truth, I really don't know.. haha.

I used to think.. " why people make life so complicated ?  Just make a decision and stick with it and life will be happy la !" Damn, now i'm that lame person stuck with a decision ! I'm so contradicting myself ! HAIS ! ! Sometimes, i wish there was a punching bag in my house that i can punch every once in awhile to release stress ! & then there are times when I meet people.. and they would tell me " yeah , i totally understand !" WHAT !.. YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT IS MY PROBLEM ! HOW CAN YOU EVEN BEGIN TO UNDERSTAND !  is really so weird... seriously ? !

I need to constantly remind myself " ALWAYS REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE... "  and not what others want you to be, cause i have receive so many comments from others on how i should conduct myself.. and how i should improve. Thank you so much for the Motivation.. YES, Will definitely improve myself step-by-step on the outside.. but I will always always remember who i am !

I'm gonna be 21 next year, and it's time for me to make changes in my life. I don't want to be one of those people who can't even handle their emotional shit ! I promised to be happier person in 2014. I plan to achieve that. Hmmmm.. some people told me to try blogging about my feelings, ( i know, it's kinda awkward right.. ) But i guess it kinda helped..

Striving to be stay positive constantly. It's hard, ( But if it was easy, everyone would be happy right !) being happy also takes lots of efforts okay. No JOKE !  haha..
Sorry ya, everyone. Need to bore you with this lame post. HAHA! & also to promise you all i will start focus on my blogging to give you all more informative post ! :D


My Beauty Resolution for 2014 !

Well, Hello again everyone!  New year is 4 days away ! OMG.. So fast can't believe gonna enter 2014 !! Hmmm.. look back through this year, seems like so much have happened but so little have been achieve ! So this post i'm blogging today will be about my Beauty resolution for 2014.

I'm quite a lazy person, I'm really reluctant to go out to try new products ~  Because you need to do survey and whether that product is suitable for you.. and the list goes on and on. But ultimately, I think i'm just plain Lazy ! Cause it really take a lot of effort and time to go research about something and to know about it.. So my Beauty resolution for 2014 would be to find a suitable, organic chemical-free and gentle yet effective Skin care for my face.
Because my facial complexion have been so dull lately, really want a rosy facial complexion during Chinese New Year !  A NEW ME BEFORE the NEW YEAR begins !!

Then i came across Yadah's Skin Care Product which i previous seen before but didn't know that it was an Organic base product. It's natural, botanical, natural plant ingredients, organic, chemical-free, has no artificial colouring and gentle for the skin.. It's like magic in a bottle.
Nowadays, It's really hard for you to come across products which are organic.
Yadah's product are certified by The Korean's FDA with Ecocert ! and on top of that their products are suitable for all skin types, even if you have sensitive skin, because the ingredients in their products are natural ! :D

On top of that Yadah is doing a Collaboration with The Butterfly Projects for all Butterflies to try their product !  OMG.. I really hope that i will be able to party with little Yadah and Yom Yom during this coming festive season !  Need Yadah's help to improve my facial complexion !

Do check them out their Fb page :  Yadah Malaysia
& also not forgetting : The Butterfly Projects Malaysia

My Fingers are crossed ! Hopefully to see Yadah soon! :D

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Mr. Lens : Eye wear Shopping

Hello hello, How was everyone's Christmas Celebration ?  Hope it was a magical celebration ! Well, It's boxing day today, I'm not sure whether we celebrate it in Malaysia. But you can always create your celebration right ?  haha. Usually on boxing day people go crazy over shopping, cause almost all the stores will have MEGA SALE. (that's in the states la.. hopefully malaysia will practice it soon ! Definitely will support ! haha !) 
But anyways, Just wanted to share a great online site for everyone to check out. 
I recently went on to Mr. Lens to do my eye wear shopping..  There are heaps of eyewear for you to choose from. 
So if you're planning to do eye wear shopping, you should definitely consider Mr. Lens.

How to shop :

Firstly, you will need to go to their Website : Once you have go on to their website, on the left side of the page you will see a variety of eye wear you can choose from.
Just simply click on a eye wear you like..

After you have click on the eye wear you choose, it will link you into a wide selection of contact lens/ glasses. Then you can window shopping awhile before choosing a contact lens you like. :)

Once you have choose the design of contact lens you like, then you will have to insert your power & colour. & continue by clicking "Add to Cart".

Then you will proceed into this page, where they will confirm your order (The design, colour & power of your contact lens). Once you have confirm your order, you can choose to continue shopping or "Check Out". 

After you choose to "Check Out", You can straight away continue to sign in if you already have an account with Mr.Lens. If you are a first timer, (not to worry ! ) just on "Continue".

& Simply just fill in your details accordingly. :)

Lastly, just follow the remaining steps above to double confirm your delivery details & Payment information & your all set to receive your Eye wear from Mr. Lens ! :D 

My Package

After ordering it took 3-4 days for it to arrive. The package arrived at my house safe & intact ! (Thank god ! HAHA)..  I'm really happy with their service and their product. 
Drop by Mr. Lens now, to check out and experience their online shop. They have great deals & promotion !  :D

I the great thing about Mr. Lens, Is that they provide FREE SHIPPING within Klang Valley ! 

Enjoy your shopping experience with Mr. Lens ! :)

Monday, 23 December 2013

Holiday Look • Benefit •

Benefit with Benefit !  (get the joke ?  XD... haha Sendiri syok ) Anyways, putting my lameness aside.Will be talking about Women's Best friend , MAKE-UP ! haha.. This post is going to be ALL ABOUT MAKE-UP ! YAYYYYY~
Actually this is first time going to a make-up event ! I was so excite, some more is Benefit ! All their cosmetics packaging are so unique and comical, really love their theme ! :)

Benefit together with The Butterfly Projects, organised a Beauty Bash for bloggers at Benefits Cosmetic Boutique inside Starhill Gallery.   Basically, Benefit wants bloggers to try their products and to create our own Hoilday look for this coming Christmas. :)

Benefit Cosmetic Boutique, Starhill Gallery

Did not know that they had a own boutique for Benefit, untill NOW ! (feeling so outdated !) We were running a little late, cause we couldn't find the boutique. It was actually located on top of Sephora..
The Boutique is super cute and bubbly, with all the bright colours.. really love the deco of the whole boutique.

Benefit's product

We were told by Tammy, that we are recommend to come with the least make-up as possible. So i only drew my eye brow. Cause i look extremely sleepy with out my eye liner..
So the event started of with the explanation of all their Benefit's skin care and make-up products. While explaining one of the make-up Experts, did a demonstration on how to apply their make-up to create a prefect, fast and easy Hoilday look !

Sabby with her before and after look..

In a matter of minutes, you can already see the difference ! Even though the make-up seems very complicated, but it's really simple and it only requires a few steps and products.

They have so many products for us to use to create our own holiday make-up. They gave us a challenge for all the bloggers to create and complete a holiday look for ourselves and post it on our instragram with our before and after look..  OMG, immediately after they announce, everyone was running around grabbing whatever make-up they needed. haha ! It was like those live tv series.. haha.. with drama and rushing around. 

My before and after
(pardon me with my triple eyelids, wasn't having enough sleep past few days.. this what happens to my eyes! T.T)

I know it's not really a big difference, but it was quite hard to apply my make-up. So i only drew a thin line for my eye liner. Simple simple , boleh la ~ haha

The make-up that i used.. I REALLY LOVE BENEFIT's Sugar bomb blusher and their lip tint ! :D
( It looks like my lips have this natural glow ! LOVE IT !)

So head on over to your nearest Benefit outlet to create your own Hoilday Look. :)

For more info go to  :

that's all ladies, 
Merry X'mas !

Thursday, 19 December 2013

WeChat x Remedy KL (Christmas Party)

Calling out all PARTY ANIMALS ! I have good news !  Hope i got your attention. Please continue reading if you want know how to get a BUY 1 FREE 1 pint at Remedy ! :) haha..
Yes, BUY ONE FREE ONE !  ( Excited or not ?  )

I myself also haven't plan out my Christmas and new year plans yet.. So fast end of the year already. Time really flies, another week and it's gonna be 2014 !  Omg.. must start getting my things in order to welcome the new year !

WeChat x Remedy

Wondering where to party this Christmas ?  Stop thinking and come to Remedy KL. 

WeChat and Remedy KL is collaborating and rewarding everyone with their latest promotion ! Because Remedy have open an account in WeChat, so hence the collaboration ! :D  So if you're not sure where to party during Christmas, head on over to Remedy and enjoy a BUY ONE FREE ONE pint !
With any purchase of Guinness or Kilkenny (each pint is Rm18) you will get the next one FREE !! Santa came early this year to reward all of us ! XD  hahaha..

So how to get this buy one free one ?

It's really simple :

Step 1 :  Download WeChat app ( You should already have it ! )
Step 2 : Click inside WeChat's App and Click "Scan QR Code" or "Add by ID" (TheRemedyKL)
Step 3 : Click on the Pop up message to Redeem ! :D

But not too worry, when you go to Remedy I'm sure there will have a banner promoting their Collaboration with WeChat, So definitely you will see the QR code to scan. ;) 

Taaadaaa, It will look like this ! :D

The Remedy Plus (Scott Garden)

Had no idea that they darts inside here ! O.O 

Besides being able to celebrate WeChat and Remedy's Collaboration i was also able to meet up with ChanWon and Sharon ! It's been awhile since i saw them.. Everyone is so busy with their study and work, seems like it's been forever since we have meet.. 

Even though the music was quite loud but we still manage to catch up abit. :D

Take 5 !  Here's a plate of food... ;D YUMs in my TUMs ! haha

With the lovely ChanWon. <3 Sorry for my oily face.
(Sweating and flash is a bad combination ! but nvm la~ haha.. lazy to edit my pictures!)

Meeting up with this FAMOUS blogger, ChanWon always make my day. She's super friendly and always very talkative. Go out with her sure won't have awkward moments ! Some more she's so funny, always make me laugh with her funny expression ! hahaha.. She said, nevermind la, pictures ugly.. when people see you in real life then they will say you look prettier in person rather in pictures ! XD ~ 

W/ ShinYee 
(Just met her, super cute and bubbly ! :D) 

W/ Carolyn 
(First time meeting her in person, she is actually one of my secondary school friend's friend. haha. Small world right ! )

It's was so nice meeting up with my babes and meeting new friends ! Some more all so leng lui, keep drooling ~ HAHA !

So don't forget to come party at Remedy KL with Wechat ! Cause the promotion is only until 2nd February 2014 ! So don't miss out .. 

Merry Christmas, Everyone. :D

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