Thursday, 28 February 2013

Food 101 : Udon Noodles


Finally about food ! La la la ~ FOOD FOOD FOOD! my best friend. haha. Going to blog about my favorite Japaneses Restaurant which specialize in serving Udon noodles. BEST I EVER HAD ! I think it's even better than in Japan itself ! ( FYI, I'm no bullshiter ! I've been to japan before, and eaten their Udon. Hmmm, Normal!, probably didn't go to the places that sells good udon. ) haha ! Anyways, this restaurant is call Sanuki Udon, which is located in Taman Desa ( I'm sure many other blogger's have done review about this place !)  But it doesn't matter, it deserves to be blog about. haha.   

This is how the shop looks like ! 

I forgot what jalan is it on, but it's located in the suburbs area in Taman Desa. During peak hours, it's full house ! It's really weird how a people manage to find food here. I guess you always have to work a little bit extra for GOOD food ! I'm not really sure about the hours but i think they open during lunch time and dinner time only. 

My boyfriend & I came here quite a number of times, but I haven't started blog ma ! XD
 Better late than never ya. 


When we arrived was about 9pm, the place was still quite packed ! 
But we manage grab a table outside, I was so super hungry i could eat a COW ! :D So Daniel quickly started ordering, because of my nagging ! haha. i can be quite long winded sometimes, *influence by sister, long winded QUEEN ! hahahha... 

My date for tonight : Introducing.. 
DANIEL CHENG (my boyfie !)
Smile ! :)

& me with my tired & overly large forehead ! 
hmpf ! 

Btw, the food was very fast, i think it only took 10 mins.. 
I guess udon noodles are like Japanese fast food. 

 I ordered Original, (So me ! Original kerchi with original udon !) hahaha
 with Kakiage ( which you will see in the picture later !)

 Daniel ordered the curry udon ! 
One of their best sellers !
(It's not spicy at all, it's slightly sweetish. )

Neyyy, the kariage ! 

This is new to us, the previous time we came it wasn't on the menu.
I'm telling you the kushiage is not bad, but the sauce they gave was like the BOMB!*

it's not like your ordinary wasabi + sweet sauce.. I can't explain it, you really have to go there and tried it yourself !  My recommendation !  Best udon Noodles Ever !

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Fashion for less ! !

FASHION FASHION FASHION.. Now a days we see fashion everywhere. I think that fashion is one of the top industries which earns the most money $$.. Because fashion can never stop and it's evolving every time. (Unless zombie Apocalypse comes and you really don't give F what your're wearing.. ! !)  or They might even come out with heels like this :  (hahahah!!)

You can never have a fix price with fashion, some are overly expensive and some can be dirt cheap.. Especially if you're selling product, clothing, or anything related to female.. Market it properly, I'm sure you will earn our money $$ ! hahaha. You know Women lah ! ... It's in our nature ! We can't help it ! Really ! Every girl loves to shop, if you're a girl and you say you don't you are BS-ing ! 

But what I really want to blog about today is " Do we really pay for what we get ?!" I'm sure most of us made mistakes along the way trying out new fashion, buying clothes at bargain price which only look good on the mannequin and regretting it later ! (You know who you are ! ) haha. I know i'm one of them. When I do spring cleaning for my closet, I'm telling you the amount of clothes that i need to dispose ! Well, at lease i get to do a good deed ! haha ! But I for one, don't really like to spend money on branded clothes, firstly is because I'M POOR ! ( cut me some slack i'm still studying ! ), and i feel that some Clothings from branded stores are seriously over-priced ! I mean serious !  Example : places like Roxy/ Quiksliver,   RM79.90 for thin piece of T-shirt.. with a roxy or quiksliver logo printed on it. I really think that it's over-priced ! But there are still people who buy ! I know right, Jackie Chan give it to them ~  Da fuq ! 

You're probably thinking why i'm so cheapskate right ?! hahaa. 
But i guess it's second nature cause all this while my sister has been a big influence on me, she's a really good shopper. Every time if i see something i like my sister will always say, "Wait ya wait ya, I will help you find ! sure can find somewhere that sell cheaper !" haha ! 
Btw, you MUST go check her out @ I'm sure you will enjoy her blog post ! Awesome with a pinch of long wind-ness  !    wink*  

But what is consider reasonable and affordable ? Well, It's hard say, everyone's point of view of cheap is different. But for me, Top must never be above RM50 ( unless it's really unique! ), Bottom maybe ranging from RM50 - RM 100, Shoes, it depends whether it's heels / flats or slippers.. but ranging from RM 29.9- RM 150.  Anything above the this prices, very high percentage i won't buy it, *again unless it's super unique !! I know there are a lot of Words for this post.. So here are some pictures. But most of the pictures of my outfit are usually my outfit to college. But maybe next time i will do a post of clothing's for event & outing ! Anyways, hope you're able to pick up something new from my blog post.. 

1st Outfit !
Black Top (The back is full lace) :           Kenangan RM8
Jeans :                                                     H&M   RM79.90

Total : RM 87.90 ! REASONABLE !

 I'm sure most of you have see this pic on my instagram ! 
( If you haven't, don't forget to follow me @ Instagram, it's on the side of my blog ! )

 Before applying my makeup ! 

 After applying !  haha ! Big difference right ! I know I know ! 

2nd Outfit !
Chiffon Red Studs Top :    Time Square  RM30
Leggings :                    Cotton On RM30

Total : RM60 ! 

3rd Outfit ! (Which I'm currently wearing ! )
 Black Peplum Top with studs :     Time square RM15 (I know ! Cheap right !)
Maroon jeggings :       Uniqlo RM79.90 
( But i think I got it slightly cheaper, cause got help from a friend, cannot reveal ! But you know who you are, THANK YOU ! wink**)

Total : RM 94.90

TIP:  wear something branded to match with something not-branded!haha..
If you wear too much branded items, maybe abit too much - tengok sampai muak lah ~! haha ! (unless you're like frakking rich !)

I'm sure you're wondering why I didn't include my accessories.. I guess you only need to buy one or two accessories to match with your clothing.. Which is also the same with your shoes & bag. I'm sure majority of people have more clothes compare with their shoes, bag & accessories.. Most poeple lah, I can't speak for the minority people... haha. As you can see i wear my gold casio watch with all my outfit ! I know it's so classy right !?  hahaha. Sendiri syok-ing ! I got it for RM170, which is consider reasonable for a watch ! 

TAAAADAAA, my watch. picture from the net !

You wanna know why I didn't include my shoes.. hmmmm.. ? cause I'm in my house ...."DUH?!" XD  Maybe next time ba, for my shoes & bags.. Cause i don't have pictures to show them to you so i don't want to get in too detail.
Anyways, I really hope you will be able to shop smart like ME ! Perasan ! haha.  Or maybe if you have great shopping tips or places that you think you want to share, just drop a comment below.. Will really appreciate it ! =DD   I'm still exploring ! 

Friday, 22 February 2013


Topic of today : If you have one superpower to choose from what will it be? 

Superheros ? Superpowers?  Well, it only happens it the movies :(  ( sobs ) .. I'm sure that everyone has the desire to become extraordinary, having long drooling daydreams about being unique.. so that people can differentiate you from others. & will always remember you because you're just a little special from others. Maybe it's just me ?  ( my little fantasy ! ) LOL!! XD haha.  I don't know about you, but do you feel that sometimes there are people you just met and immediately you can remember their name and their face.. and there are some people who you just can't remember their name even though you meet them more than 100 times. ( Exaggerating a bit ~~)  But i don't mean to offend anyone in anyway.. but it's the truth ! Reaally~ ..

seems like all the superheros have the prefect body figure ! ! 

Back to the topic.. The question is : " If you have one superpower to choose from, what will it be? " Actually, this question was ask by my Boyfriend.. hehe.  *question thief*  XD.. But anyways, he asked this question to some of our friends and my siblings. Actually, come to think about it, it's really quite a hard question. Because there are so many abilities to choose from, but you only can choose one ! Well, i guess at our age we usually won't even considered choosing to FLY, or have Laser eyes.. haha. Hopefully you won't too.. ... ... *awkard !  Anyways~ I was the fastest one to reply on the table ! Wanna guess what's my answer? ... HAHAHAHAH! I know I know, I'm very materialistic. but I feel that it is one of the things that I'm lacking of.., hmmmm* well, besides having a hot body, which can't be a super power!  imagine my line will be : I will kill you with my Hot body !... LOL! O.O  hahahha.. Ahem ! ! Super awakard-ness again ! .. Well, My Super power is to.. I'm sure some of you have guessed it !

Able to Change Water into money !
*this is just a random photo !
I know whatcha thinking ~  Genius ! 

Daniel, so cute~ ! hahha ! His answer is to be a Jumper.. you know the movie "Jumper". 
When you can imagine a place and blink there instantly.. 

Hahhahahaha.. i can't stop laughing at this shot ! Well, my sister took awhile to answer. 
But her answer was to manipulate time. Which is basically to turn back or move forward the time. 
which result into changing the future..  

No, Zhi sung. It's not a super power ! "Ermmm, okay then. " ! hahaa.
He answered, " to look into the future for 10 seconds !"
He said that his ability will enable him to own Genting.
Sure, why not ! 

I regretted being the first one to answer, feels like my answer is so noooooooob ! hmpf *  But i guess most people's answers will lead them to fame, fortune or power.. Well, hmmmm, we're still human right?  it's only natural for us to want more. I really hope you enjoy reading this post. haha.

What about you? What superpower will you choose?

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Stone age, the new trend ?

Hello again everyone.. It's Sunday already.. Ahhhhhhh!  Still in Holiday mood. Hais~  T.T Not ready to go back to college life ! But have to, it's gonna be a busy month. At it now my eye bags are getting thicker by the second. haha ~  Anyways, after such a long and tired week of non-stop gambling.. So this will be just a short post. Hopefully you guys will enjoy it.. Those of you who like or find my blog interesting feel free to share it~!  I will forever be grateful to you !  ><  hahah.

First it was the galaxy printing, then it was Christmas-ish printing.. Now it's Stone age printing? haha.. Now everywhere you can see people wearing tribal print clothing, leopard print, spikes & etc.. I guess fashion is always twirling in circles.. My coordination, LEOPARD PRINT !  <3 loving it to the max. & i got it for a very reasonable price..

I don't usually take full body pictures, but when i do my legs are boneless..  hahah!

//Black singlet : H&M// Leopard print pants : time square// Clutch : China// Shoes: Vinnci//

 This pants is like one of the most comfortable pants i've wore.. so airy ~   

 I know you're probably thinking what can i fit in such a thin clutch? The answer is ... my phone..
hahha, Seriously, i have to take out my money, IC & driving licences from my purse .. (hehe, my purse is huge also la. so can't really blame the bag.. )

//Gold watch : Casio// Lip Ring : Online store//

That's all for this post.. Hope you enjoy it. Leave a comment if you like this post.

Friday, 15 February 2013

Door to Door : CNY (part 2)

Once again, Happy CNY everyone. Hope you guys are enjoying your hoildays.. For me, after visiting all my relatives, eating scrumptious food, & collecting ang pau.

It's time to go door to door to win other people's ang pau money >< ! haha. On Chor 3, we were all invited to go Quik Liew's house to Bai Nian. Her house is hugeeeee~ haha. While preparing to go to her house, me being me, having poor time estimation.. was late to the party. T.T

Outfit that took me 45 mins to get ready (considered fast le..)

Rockin' Red this CNY ~
// Red sweater : Sg wang // Black skirt : H&M // Accessories : Online store// 
(Btw, took all these pic after the party! )

 I baked cinnamon rolls to her house, and arrived at 9pm!  haha ( I know, I know.. Girls la~)
Fresh out from the oven..

 Mr. Ben,  yummy ?

Quik aka the Crazy Alien.

 Introducing Mickey Phan~  
Ever so pretty ! 

&  Mr. Ohhh so cute~
Kelvin Yap! 

Gong Xi Fa Chai !

Gambling session commence..

Ohhhhh ! 21~ haha.

Not forgetting, Kpop Superstar. Reeze Chew. 

 Henry : Extreme GTA wannabe  (Haha~ )

& leng lui Eugenia (who came after work, super tiring !)

End Of Chor 3...

Chor 4 was at my house. I didn't manage to take much picture, cause you know la~ Host memang very busy have to set up! hahah..  Mickey Phan brought Yee Sang to my house to LOU~~ 
From the left : Mickey, Me, Daniel, Kelvin, Simon Yang & Teng, Yumin & of cause Big head Quik..

haha. sorry peeps.. was seriously too busy. But overall was a fun & awesome night, spending it with all my close ones.. Finally learn how to play poker. ;D

On 14/2/13, was a clash with Valentine's Day & Chor 5. Celebrating both occasion on the same day. Because of the late night, me and Daniel woke up at 1pm and arrived at K.L area around 3pm to do some shopping.. Actually, we don't normally celebrate Valentines or monthly anniversary.. hahah. we will some how ended up quarreling. How we show our love <3 for each other. LOL = Lot's of love  ><  haha!

RAWRRRR! Leopard print ! 
// Leopard print top : Time square // Black skirt : H&M // Shoes : Mod // Bag : Longchamp //

While waiting for Daniel to try on clothes, I camwhore my butt off. ( short form : CMBO ) HAHAHAHAHHA!.. sendiri syok~  
Anyways, he needed more working clothes.. so formal wear was the things to buy!
... TADAAAAA ...
So handsome. hehe.
Nice right?.. Well, he manage to buy 2 pants & 1 shirt. It was quite a good bargin. 

Happy Valentine's Day, Darling. I know we don't usually celebrate. but this is one of the best Valentine's Day I had throughout this 6 years. <3 you tons. muacks..

I went home to change into pants because it's more comfortable. So we were on our way to Kelvin's house to pick him up to go to Eugenia's house.. Then the unthinkable happened!! Suddenly, i had a flat tyre right in front of his house. So super paiseh, his dad and my boyfriend help to change the tyre. This is not the worst part, upon arriving at Eugenia's house the whole car SHUT DOWN! OMFG! i tell you, i was so freaked out. but anyways, ( have to drama abit.. haha ) it was only walking distance to her house. So the three of us walked..  We arrived at her house at 11pm.. Late, once again! 
Then we gamble & gamble & gamble some more.. until 3.30am.. haha.. SIAO~

Finally got to took a pic with this Famous Blogger ~ JamJien 
Go check him out @

on the right is our swagging young one, Ms. GiGi.

This two Gambling King. 

Group Shot.. 1, 2, 3.. 

Ending Chor 5 with Style. ~ 
 GONG XI FAI CHAI. May everyone be able to acheive true happiness this year..

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