Friday, 15 February 2013

Door to Door : CNY (part 2)

Once again, Happy CNY everyone. Hope you guys are enjoying your hoildays.. For me, after visiting all my relatives, eating scrumptious food, & collecting ang pau.

It's time to go door to door to win other people's ang pau money >< ! haha. On Chor 3, we were all invited to go Quik Liew's house to Bai Nian. Her house is hugeeeee~ haha. While preparing to go to her house, me being me, having poor time estimation.. was late to the party. T.T

Outfit that took me 45 mins to get ready (considered fast le..)

Rockin' Red this CNY ~
// Red sweater : Sg wang // Black skirt : H&M // Accessories : Online store// 
(Btw, took all these pic after the party! )

 I baked cinnamon rolls to her house, and arrived at 9pm!  haha ( I know, I know.. Girls la~)
Fresh out from the oven..

 Mr. Ben,  yummy ?

Quik aka the Crazy Alien.

 Introducing Mickey Phan~  
Ever so pretty ! 

&  Mr. Ohhh so cute~
Kelvin Yap! 

Gong Xi Fa Chai !

Gambling session commence..

Ohhhhh ! 21~ haha.

Not forgetting, Kpop Superstar. Reeze Chew. 

 Henry : Extreme GTA wannabe  (Haha~ )

& leng lui Eugenia (who came after work, super tiring !)

End Of Chor 3...

Chor 4 was at my house. I didn't manage to take much picture, cause you know la~ Host memang very busy have to set up! hahah..  Mickey Phan brought Yee Sang to my house to LOU~~ 
From the left : Mickey, Me, Daniel, Kelvin, Simon Yang & Teng, Yumin & of cause Big head Quik..

haha. sorry peeps.. was seriously too busy. But overall was a fun & awesome night, spending it with all my close ones.. Finally learn how to play poker. ;D

On 14/2/13, was a clash with Valentine's Day & Chor 5. Celebrating both occasion on the same day. Because of the late night, me and Daniel woke up at 1pm and arrived at K.L area around 3pm to do some shopping.. Actually, we don't normally celebrate Valentines or monthly anniversary.. hahah. we will some how ended up quarreling. How we show our love <3 for each other. LOL = Lot's of love  ><  haha!

RAWRRRR! Leopard print ! 
// Leopard print top : Time square // Black skirt : H&M // Shoes : Mod // Bag : Longchamp //

While waiting for Daniel to try on clothes, I camwhore my butt off. ( short form : CMBO ) HAHAHAHAHHA!.. sendiri syok~  
Anyways, he needed more working clothes.. so formal wear was the things to buy!
... TADAAAAA ...
So handsome. hehe.
Nice right?.. Well, he manage to buy 2 pants & 1 shirt. It was quite a good bargin. 

Happy Valentine's Day, Darling. I know we don't usually celebrate. but this is one of the best Valentine's Day I had throughout this 6 years. <3 you tons. muacks..

I went home to change into pants because it's more comfortable. So we were on our way to Kelvin's house to pick him up to go to Eugenia's house.. Then the unthinkable happened!! Suddenly, i had a flat tyre right in front of his house. So super paiseh, his dad and my boyfriend help to change the tyre. This is not the worst part, upon arriving at Eugenia's house the whole car SHUT DOWN! OMFG! i tell you, i was so freaked out. but anyways, ( have to drama abit.. haha ) it was only walking distance to her house. So the three of us walked..  We arrived at her house at 11pm.. Late, once again! 
Then we gamble & gamble & gamble some more.. until 3.30am.. haha.. SIAO~

Finally got to took a pic with this Famous Blogger ~ JamJien 
Go check him out @

on the right is our swagging young one, Ms. GiGi.

This two Gambling King. 

Group Shot.. 1, 2, 3.. 

Ending Chor 5 with Style. ~ 
 GONG XI FAI CHAI. May everyone be able to acheive true happiness this year..

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