Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Fashion for less ! !

FASHION FASHION FASHION.. Now a days we see fashion everywhere. I think that fashion is one of the top industries which earns the most money $$.. Because fashion can never stop and it's evolving every time. (Unless zombie Apocalypse comes and you really don't give F what your're wearing.. ! !)  or They might even come out with heels like this :  (hahahah!!)

You can never have a fix price with fashion, some are overly expensive and some can be dirt cheap.. Especially if you're selling product, clothing, or anything related to female.. Market it properly, I'm sure you will earn our money $$ ! hahaha. You know Women lah ! ... It's in our nature ! We can't help it ! Really ! Every girl loves to shop, if you're a girl and you say you don't you are BS-ing ! 

But what I really want to blog about today is " Do we really pay for what we get ?!" I'm sure most of us made mistakes along the way trying out new fashion, buying clothes at bargain price which only look good on the mannequin and regretting it later ! (You know who you are ! ) haha. I know i'm one of them. When I do spring cleaning for my closet, I'm telling you the amount of clothes that i need to dispose ! Well, at lease i get to do a good deed ! haha ! But I for one, don't really like to spend money on branded clothes, firstly is because I'M POOR ! ( cut me some slack i'm still studying ! ), and i feel that some Clothings from branded stores are seriously over-priced ! I mean serious !  Example : places like Roxy/ Quiksliver,   RM79.90 for thin piece of T-shirt.. with a roxy or quiksliver logo printed on it. I really think that it's over-priced ! But there are still people who buy ! I know right, Jackie Chan give it to them ~  Da fuq ! 

You're probably thinking why i'm so cheapskate right ?! hahaa. 
But i guess it's second nature cause all this while my sister has been a big influence on me, she's a really good shopper. Every time if i see something i like my sister will always say, "Wait ya wait ya, I will help you find ! sure can find somewhere that sell cheaper !" haha ! 
Btw, you MUST go check her out @ I'm sure you will enjoy her blog post ! Awesome with a pinch of long wind-ness  !    wink*  

But what is consider reasonable and affordable ? Well, It's hard say, everyone's point of view of cheap is different. But for me, Top must never be above RM50 ( unless it's really unique! ), Bottom maybe ranging from RM50 - RM 100, Shoes, it depends whether it's heels / flats or slippers.. but ranging from RM 29.9- RM 150.  Anything above the this prices, very high percentage i won't buy it, *again unless it's super unique !! I know there are a lot of Words for this post.. So here are some pictures. But most of the pictures of my outfit are usually my outfit to college. But maybe next time i will do a post of clothing's for event & outing ! Anyways, hope you're able to pick up something new from my blog post.. 

1st Outfit !
Black Top (The back is full lace) :           Kenangan RM8
Jeans :                                                     H&M   RM79.90

Total : RM 87.90 ! REASONABLE !

 I'm sure most of you have see this pic on my instagram ! 
( If you haven't, don't forget to follow me @ Instagram, it's on the side of my blog ! )

 Before applying my makeup ! 

 After applying !  haha ! Big difference right ! I know I know ! 

2nd Outfit !
Chiffon Red Studs Top :    Time Square  RM30
Leggings :                    Cotton On RM30

Total : RM60 ! 

3rd Outfit ! (Which I'm currently wearing ! )
 Black Peplum Top with studs :     Time square RM15 (I know ! Cheap right !)
Maroon jeggings :       Uniqlo RM79.90 
( But i think I got it slightly cheaper, cause got help from a friend, cannot reveal ! But you know who you are, THANK YOU ! wink**)

Total : RM 94.90

TIP:  wear something branded to match with something not-branded!haha..
If you wear too much branded items, maybe abit too much - tengok sampai muak lah ~! haha ! (unless you're like frakking rich !)

I'm sure you're wondering why I didn't include my accessories.. I guess you only need to buy one or two accessories to match with your clothing.. Which is also the same with your shoes & bag. I'm sure majority of people have more clothes compare with their shoes, bag & accessories.. Most poeple lah, I can't speak for the minority people... haha. As you can see i wear my gold casio watch with all my outfit ! I know it's so classy right !?  hahaha. Sendiri syok-ing ! I got it for RM170, which is consider reasonable for a watch ! 

TAAAADAAA, my watch. picture from the net !

You wanna know why I didn't include my shoes.. hmmmm.. ? cause I'm in my house ...."DUH?!" XD  Maybe next time ba, for my shoes & bags.. Cause i don't have pictures to show them to you so i don't want to get in too detail.
Anyways, I really hope you will be able to shop smart like ME ! Perasan ! haha.  Or maybe if you have great shopping tips or places that you think you want to share, just drop a comment below.. Will really appreciate it ! =DD   I'm still exploring ! 

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