Thursday, 28 February 2013

Food 101 : Udon Noodles


Finally about food ! La la la ~ FOOD FOOD FOOD! my best friend. haha. Going to blog about my favorite Japaneses Restaurant which specialize in serving Udon noodles. BEST I EVER HAD ! I think it's even better than in Japan itself ! ( FYI, I'm no bullshiter ! I've been to japan before, and eaten their Udon. Hmmm, Normal!, probably didn't go to the places that sells good udon. ) haha ! Anyways, this restaurant is call Sanuki Udon, which is located in Taman Desa ( I'm sure many other blogger's have done review about this place !)  But it doesn't matter, it deserves to be blog about. haha.   

This is how the shop looks like ! 

I forgot what jalan is it on, but it's located in the suburbs area in Taman Desa. During peak hours, it's full house ! It's really weird how a people manage to find food here. I guess you always have to work a little bit extra for GOOD food ! I'm not really sure about the hours but i think they open during lunch time and dinner time only. 

My boyfriend & I came here quite a number of times, but I haven't started blog ma ! XD
 Better late than never ya. 


When we arrived was about 9pm, the place was still quite packed ! 
But we manage grab a table outside, I was so super hungry i could eat a COW ! :D So Daniel quickly started ordering, because of my nagging ! haha. i can be quite long winded sometimes, *influence by sister, long winded QUEEN ! hahahha... 

My date for tonight : Introducing.. 
DANIEL CHENG (my boyfie !)
Smile ! :)

& me with my tired & overly large forehead ! 
hmpf ! 

Btw, the food was very fast, i think it only took 10 mins.. 
I guess udon noodles are like Japanese fast food. 

 I ordered Original, (So me ! Original kerchi with original udon !) hahaha
 with Kakiage ( which you will see in the picture later !)

 Daniel ordered the curry udon ! 
One of their best sellers !
(It's not spicy at all, it's slightly sweetish. )

Neyyy, the kariage ! 

This is new to us, the previous time we came it wasn't on the menu.
I'm telling you the kushiage is not bad, but the sauce they gave was like the BOMB!*

it's not like your ordinary wasabi + sweet sauce.. I can't explain it, you really have to go there and tried it yourself !  My recommendation !  Best udon Noodles Ever !

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