Sunday, 10 February 2013

Gong Xi Gong Xi : Year of the Snake (Part 1)

Gong Xi Fa Chai. 新年快乐!Wishing everyone a Happy & Properest New year.. Hope the year of the Snake will bring you happiness & unity among your friends and family members. For those who have not plan/set their goals during the new year, this is your last chance. Let's make this year the awesome-est year EVER!  2013, I'M READY FOR YOU!  ...  haha. In the year 2013, I would like to start up on my blogging and update it whenever possible. Hopefully you guys will enjoy reading it. *still amateur.
Opss.. hitting the number 20 this year.. Time to make changes in my life. Graduating soon from my Advance Diploma this coming June. Still deciding whether to continue or to pursue other course.. Well, still have another 4 more months to think about it. Hopefully, I will be able to make up my mind then. Hmmmmm, NEW YEAR NEW YEAR NEW YEAR!.. can't believe that time pass so fast !

Coming back to the subject.
Since it's the new year, everything old must go! Getting rid of all my Old clothes,

I know it doesn't seem so much, but it is!
& then welcoming the new year with NEW THINGS!! ~
& accessories..
Really have to thanked my lovely Daddy who gave us allowance to go Shopping !

NEW YEAR MOOD, On !  From what I gather, I think that there are 4 main things that makes it Chinese New year: 
1) HEAT ! ( Massive heat stroke !)
2) RED !  (It's everywhere ! clothes, decorations, nails, hair.... underwear!)
3) FOOD ! (CNY should be called Gluttony Festival ! eat, eat, eat... and more eating~)
4) ANG PAU*  Red packet.  ( Last but not lease, the best thing about celebrating CNY! woohooo $.$)

My family & I traveled down early to avoid the traffic. So we arrived at my Aunty's place to have our Annual Reunion Dinner.. Which was of cause aweesome, pictures to prove it ~ 

Signature Dish!

Two cute superstars

& everyone gathering around to feast! ( Got this from my cousin's camera. )

After filling our belly's with food, We mingle around awaiting for the best fireworks show in Ayer Tawar, Perak. & I'm telling you, kampung people are the richest people! They can afford to light up fireworks for almost 30 mins continuously.

..... we, poor people only afford to light up lantern. haha!!

Up, Up & away!

The next day! Chor 1 !  The moment has arrived !
 Ang Pau Collecting Outfit.
Forgive me, didn't had time to take more pictures, was busy collecting ANG PAU! *Greedy!! haha

leaving Ayer Tawar --> Ipoh to visit our relatives before heading home. 
hmmmmmm, what a long and successful day.. Traveling back to Kuala Lumpur with Russel Peter entertaining us.. HAHAHA! Took some random snap shots in the car..

My sister trying her very best to Act CUTE! 

Then i ask my brother to pose for me.. & This is what he pose..
KUNG FU?  Seriously?! I said...
& then he...
Awhhhh, so cute.. hahaha.

GONG XI FA CHAI, Everyone.
This is how I celebrated my CNY so far.. How did you celebrate? 

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