Thursday, 7 February 2013

My First post : Couple Outing.

Finally, officially my first post on my blog. *around of applause*   haha.  Actually I've open my blog for quite sometime ago, just never got a chance or the time (partly lazy!) to update it. Woooooohoooo~

Anyways, ignore my *syok sendiri moment ! and let's start blogging.

Chinese New Year is just around the corner, everyone will be very busy during this holiday season. So me and Rachel decided to have a quite dinner with our bf's.. at UNCLE JANG!!  had craving for korean food. So we went to the outlet in Puchong. Both our boyfriends were working, so their both actually quite tired. *because of crazy girlfriends who wants to eat freakin' korean food.... *dragging their feet. hahah! Btw, because I wanted to blog about today's outing, I bough along my DSLR which i normally don't. . . So here are some photos..
PRESENTING... Uncle Jang~  



After! Yummy ~~

Earlier i mention I don't usually bring my DSLR out, hence usually less photo taking.. But sometimes good memories have to snap, upload & blogged about..  & so i drag everyone in for photo shooting session ~ 

* I have super scary panda eyes!  T.T

& then we started feasting... Nom nom nom.. The food was quite nice, but a bit spicy~ Thankfully we didn't order the hot & spicy, we ordered the normal one. The boss took our order, we said we wanted mix spicy & normal. He said :" 1 hot & spicy and 3 normal?"  *btw, for your info his Korean. and I said;"2 of each.." Then he gave me the SHOCK look, and say, :" the normal is already very spicy!" .... Thank god for Korean owner, or we probably we Sh*ting bricks now... hahha. 

Will have more updates and be more active.. so stay tune..
ending it with more camwhoring photos..

Good nights, everyone <3

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