Sunday, 17 February 2013

Stone age, the new trend ?

Hello again everyone.. It's Sunday already.. Ahhhhhhh!  Still in Holiday mood. Hais~  T.T Not ready to go back to college life ! But have to, it's gonna be a busy month. At it now my eye bags are getting thicker by the second. haha ~  Anyways, after such a long and tired week of non-stop gambling.. So this will be just a short post. Hopefully you guys will enjoy it.. Those of you who like or find my blog interesting feel free to share it~!  I will forever be grateful to you !  ><  hahah.

First it was the galaxy printing, then it was Christmas-ish printing.. Now it's Stone age printing? haha.. Now everywhere you can see people wearing tribal print clothing, leopard print, spikes & etc.. I guess fashion is always twirling in circles.. My coordination, LEOPARD PRINT !  <3 loving it to the max. & i got it for a very reasonable price..

I don't usually take full body pictures, but when i do my legs are boneless..  hahah!

//Black singlet : H&M// Leopard print pants : time square// Clutch : China// Shoes: Vinnci//

 This pants is like one of the most comfortable pants i've wore.. so airy ~   

 I know you're probably thinking what can i fit in such a thin clutch? The answer is ... my phone..
hahha, Seriously, i have to take out my money, IC & driving licences from my purse .. (hehe, my purse is huge also la. so can't really blame the bag.. )

//Gold watch : Casio// Lip Ring : Online store//

That's all for this post.. Hope you enjoy it. Leave a comment if you like this post.

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