Friday, 22 February 2013


Topic of today : If you have one superpower to choose from what will it be? 

Superheros ? Superpowers?  Well, it only happens it the movies :(  ( sobs ) .. I'm sure that everyone has the desire to become extraordinary, having long drooling daydreams about being unique.. so that people can differentiate you from others. & will always remember you because you're just a little special from others. Maybe it's just me ?  ( my little fantasy ! ) LOL!! XD haha.  I don't know about you, but do you feel that sometimes there are people you just met and immediately you can remember their name and their face.. and there are some people who you just can't remember their name even though you meet them more than 100 times. ( Exaggerating a bit ~~)  But i don't mean to offend anyone in anyway.. but it's the truth ! Reaally~ ..

seems like all the superheros have the prefect body figure ! ! 

Back to the topic.. The question is : " If you have one superpower to choose from, what will it be? " Actually, this question was ask by my Boyfriend.. hehe.  *question thief*  XD.. But anyways, he asked this question to some of our friends and my siblings. Actually, come to think about it, it's really quite a hard question. Because there are so many abilities to choose from, but you only can choose one ! Well, i guess at our age we usually won't even considered choosing to FLY, or have Laser eyes.. haha. Hopefully you won't too.. ... ... *awkard !  Anyways~ I was the fastest one to reply on the table ! Wanna guess what's my answer? ... HAHAHAHAH! I know I know, I'm very materialistic. but I feel that it is one of the things that I'm lacking of.., hmmmm* well, besides having a hot body, which can't be a super power!  imagine my line will be : I will kill you with my Hot body !... LOL! O.O  hahahha.. Ahem ! ! Super awakard-ness again ! .. Well, My Super power is to.. I'm sure some of you have guessed it !

Able to Change Water into money !
*this is just a random photo !
I know whatcha thinking ~  Genius ! 

Daniel, so cute~ ! hahha ! His answer is to be a Jumper.. you know the movie "Jumper". 
When you can imagine a place and blink there instantly.. 

Hahhahahaha.. i can't stop laughing at this shot ! Well, my sister took awhile to answer. 
But her answer was to manipulate time. Which is basically to turn back or move forward the time. 
which result into changing the future..  

No, Zhi sung. It's not a super power ! "Ermmm, okay then. " ! hahaa.
He answered, " to look into the future for 10 seconds !"
He said that his ability will enable him to own Genting.
Sure, why not ! 

I regretted being the first one to answer, feels like my answer is so noooooooob ! hmpf *  But i guess most people's answers will lead them to fame, fortune or power.. Well, hmmmm, we're still human right?  it's only natural for us to want more. I really hope you enjoy reading this post. haha.

What about you? What superpower will you choose?

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