Monday, 11 March 2013

Cocoon @ Scott Garden

TGIF! Friday finally. The last day of the week. (For me ! XD) Went to Cocoon at Scott Garden. I've never been there before, but it's kinda similar with Movida. Club-ish, Bar-ish!  Somewhere in between. haha.  It's been almost half a year since i been to a club/ bar. Not really a big fan. BUT !  i made some exceptions, because it was Simon's birthday (VVIP.)  haha. :D  BTW, SIMON YANG hope you enjoy yourself ! & HAPPY BIRTHDAY !

Simon & Yumin.. Lovely couple ! 

I didn't had much time to prepare myself. Again, same old me. laze around. hehe. 
Just only prepare the normal stuff: choosing clothes, makeup.. 
but i forgot to do tidy up my hair! I was really having a bad hair day. It was so flat and like oily-ish! HMPF!
I had to take like 10 shots just to get 1 decent looking photo! !
I think everyone who took pic with me was super  frustrated ! haha. 
I keep on saying take one more, one more, one more!! 
 cause most of my pic look so damn ugly! Cannot tahan! 

Anyways, Here are more pic's..

Daniel w/ Kin Ding. ( Super long haven't see this busy man! )

The usual us. 

"Not ready laaaa!"...

That's more like it. :)

Facial expression result from retaking so many photos !   
Paiseh ':) 

w/ da lovely babe!  Mickey Phan.

See this photos!  My hair look so oily. I wasn't sweating,  FYI !

W/ Yumin ! :) She looks so cute ! 

(Seriously don't know what's wrong with my phone. 
got that shitty line at the side! Spoil the pic! need to go fix it soon ! )

The boys...  

(The editing for this three photo include the bottom 
one looks slightly different. Got it from Kelvin Yap!)

Birthday Boy, enjoying his flaming Lamborghini.. (i think its spell that way, idk!)

My ootd for that night !

(I know i know my tights look huge, and idk why my hand look so frakking retarded!)
haha. Anyways,

Dress: h&m
Bag: My sister's.. (forgot whr was it from!)
Earring & leather-ish bracelet: Online shop

Just a short one this time. Bye ~

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