Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Good Days vs Bad Days

Everyone has waves & nodes in their life. 
It all depends how long is your wave (which is the good things in your life!) and trying to shorten your node !  But it's hard i guess.. We really wouldn't know when it would hit you. 
It always come when you lease expect it. 
That's life i guess, living the good and bad. Positive & negative.  
But i always feel that I'm really lucky, compare to others ! 
I guess thinking that way makes me feel better ! hahhaa.  
In 20 years of my life, I have never really had to work hard compare to others. 
Thanks to my DAD ! All three of us, have been really blessed to have such a great father. 
His always been there to protect us , only allowing harm to come our way, if and only if we are able to handle it.  
Despite that, i guess some danger we are just meant to experience even with every precaution taken. The worst day of my life so far, would be the day my Mom pass away.... (hahhaa, you're probably thinking you poor thing.. and etc...)  
Well, its been almost 8 years. and I've gotten over it, but she will always be in my heart ! tears of happiness**  time is the only cure for a broken heart. ;D

Hmmmmm.. The other than that, there was another time i went through an emotional phase ! 
I know sounds a bit dramatic right ?! 
After you hear this you probably understand why I'm so dramatic ! hahaha...  
some of you would know that I've transferred school when i was in form 4. 
At the same time, during my school holiday when i was still form 3, 
me and Daniel started dating. ( The good days !)  
The best thing that have happen to me during 2007 !
Despite all the shitty things that I've had to go through during 2007, 
it was really a dark time for me !  hahaha!! EMO GIRL ! XD 
I guess Daniel really brighten my world. 
I'm not afraid to admit that his the best thing that have ever happened ! 
(I'm sure his grinning his ass off when he reads this!  Ego boost for him ! hahahha) 
Anyways, getting to the dramatic part ! hahah.. This was when i was in my new school. Mid of form 4, there was this guy that i wasn't really close too.. So i went to yumcha* w/ a bunch of friends and this guy was sitting beside my bf.. and he ask Daniel.. :"  Daniel, why a guy with your good looks dating a girl with "this type of look" !"  WTF! i was like shut up you motherF*****... hahha. I was so taken a back ! Daniel tried defending me with every possible way !  But i was so shock that the only thing going through my mind was going over to Slap that guy so hard that he regretted ever meeting me ! COME ON! He wasn't a hottie himself, being black and big size does not make you manly in anyway! SHIT! 

Like a Lady !

Because of that comment, every time when a topic came up with my looks i will end up tearing! This continue for months. Then i finally started coming out of my hole and trying to improve my looks to prove to every hater out there that I'm better than this ! 

Going through all this and more,  training myself to be rough n tough ! hahha, doesn't mean I smile to you and treat you nice, I'm a nice person to bully ! i will turn you inside out ! Brush off any negative comments, HATERS are gonna HATE ! Tough shit ! Just gotta learn how to deal with it.

Well, I guess the only person that can make you truly happy is yourself ! 
Be your own superhero ! 
save yourself, because it's really too late if you want to wait for someone else to save you. 
Everyone deserves to be happy, don't you think.. 
And with my life now, I'm blessed with a harmonious family and a caring boyfriend with such great sense of humor <33 ! haha.

And also for all the great and wonderful peeps who brought color to my life.
I <3 you guys tons ! XOXO. 

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