Wednesday, 20 March 2013

My College Outfits.

Hello peeps. Hope I've been missed. haha. *wink 
 It's been awhile, I've been busy with my assignments and exams.. 
( actually i haven't finish my assignment yet, it's due next Friday ! CRAP right !)

Gonna blogged about my daily outfits to college. 
I don't know whether you guys are like me, 
But i always have dilemma on what to wear to college..especially if i feel like dressing up. 
I will try on one outfit then remove and then try another and remove ! OMFG !.. 
The amount of clothes that i need to fold when i come back after college !
One of the reasons I'm late for class. hehe* 
but not all the time, sometime is because of  (exp: car problem, house chores, stomach pain.. & etc.. >< )


Black Maxi dress - Time square
Denim vest - Time square
Sandals - Birkenstock 
( Most of my outfits are simple and plain )

But i always try to dress my best to college even though i have very short classes. 
Want to make it a habit, so that next time whenever or where ever i go, i will dress my best !
But I still have much to learn. Is really not easy to mix and match.
Practice makes prefect ! ;D

(you're probably thinking why do i even bother ! )
hmmmmm, well.. cause i want to look good ! haha.. 
but on top of that, i really hope that once you see my outfit it can give you some idea. 
so that you don't have to waste your time digging & matching your clothes. 
But dressing up is not a burden for me, it's really more of a hobby ! 
I really love dressing up.. & also love dressing  other people up! :D
(*boring with you're outfit? Jom! let's go shopping ! hahha )


Pink sweater - h&m
Bodycon black dress - h&m
Flats - Cotton On


Ignore my tired face ! I was having a bad hair day ! *hmpf

Colorful dress - Online shop
Slippers - Jellybunny


Photos taken at Forever 21 @ Midvalley ! Was shopping alone after class ! 

Army sweater - time square 
Green shorts - time square 
Slippers - Jellybunny

TGI Friday !

Only 3 hours of class today ! So comfortable, it is. 
(.... I'm wearing back the same shorts , i know. Just three hours right, Nvm la! )

Top - Time square
Green shorts - time square

I usually shop at time square.. Cheap but trendy clothes. haha.
But I brought a lot of clothes from h&m as well. Will blog about it soon.
Hope you enjoy !

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