Monday, 25 March 2013

Prefect sunscreen. Choose Cosmoderm.

Hello everyone, Some of you who is following me on Instagram, 
you would probably know that i went for a video shooting for a sunscreen product. 
Well, here it is ! Introducing.....
COSMODERM ! Prefect sunscreen.

It's a local brand, MADE IN MALAYSIA !


I'm really lucky that Cosmoderm have chosen me & Daniel to do this mini video shooting.
Before showing you the video, short awareness of Cosmoderm's Prefect Sunscreen.

Why choose Cosmoderm's Prefect Sunscreen, you ask?

because The product contains:
1) SPF 35+++
2) 500 I.U Vitamin E for additional protection.
3) Anti-Oxidant 
4) Anti-aging (because of the vitamin E)


These ingredients:

• helps to protect you from any UV, 
even indoors because 80% of UV rays are able to penetrate even clothing.
• The sun emits UVA and UVB rays caused irreversible aging; fine lines and pigmentation.

So if you love dolling up and applying heavy makeup,
but scared if you apply too much foundation, that it will ruin your facial complexion? 

Just replace your foundation with this Cosmoderm's Prefect Sunscreen !

This Sunscreen/BB cream, acts like a healing agent. 
because of all the nature ingredient it contains.
It helps your skin to breath and lighten your skin complexion at the same time. 
& the best part is that it comes in 5 color to suit your skin tone.

01 Nude

02 Natural Pink

03 Natural Beige

04 Medium Beige

05 Tawny Beige

Here's a before and after !


I'm using the 02 Natural Pink !
You can see that my face is yellowy dull color before, & much more fairer and pinker at the after photo. 
I apply this sunscreen on a daily routine.. Cause you know la, our weather very very HOT & SUNNY!
Have to take good care of your skin !

Long await. Here's the video !

& If you buy one NOW, you stand a chance to win

It's like goodness to your skin all wrap up in a bottle. 
This sunscreen is suitable for everyone.
Of all ages. Male or Female.

& it's only for RM29.90.
You can get it at your nearest guardian outlet & various independent pharmacy.
or buy it online @ 

Love your skin ! Choose Cosmoderm !


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