Monday, 15 April 2013

#01 Stronger Core

Greetings ! 
Having a spectacular morning !
Finally had the 11 hours of sleep that i needed so badly.
Been having scary Panda Eyes, looking like Panda, Ju-On version..

I have been receiving a few questions from others how did i lose weight..

& receive the world's most TOUCHING COMMENT !
OMG ! I'm tearing now, THANK YOU SO MUCH !
 never ever believe someone would send me something like this !

Feeling so boost with motivation !
I decided to do 2 simple workout exercises that will help strengthen and tighten your core.
(FYI : Core is your tummy area)
Pls Note : I'm still newbie at this. This methods worked for me, I hope it will work for you. :D

1st Workout 

Step 1 : Planking
Note: *Keep your body straight, pulling in your belly button inwards
This workout will help strengthen your core & keeps your spine stable & straight.
So that you will have a good posture.
1 set = planking for 60 sec 
& then rest for 30 secs and continue..
I usually will do 3 set.

Step 2 : Lift your knee to touch your opposite side of your elbow. 
 4 sets of 15 reps = which means that,
In 1 set, I will lift my knee to my opposite elbow (according to pic) 
for 15 times. and then rest for 30 secs.. and repeating it again for another 3 more sets. 

(Right knee to left elbow)

(Left knee to right elbow.)
*If you are more flexible than I am, try to push yourself so you can touch your elbow.

2nd Workout 

Step 1 : prepare a yoga mat.
*Doing sit up makes my belly look huge ! hahaha..
Whatever la, just really hope you guys will learn something from this.

Step 2 : Bring your body to a sit up position.
Planking with this sit up position. Try your best to focus on your core.
this is also another way to strengthen your core !
Similar with the other planking workout,
I did 3 sets (1 set = 60 secs)
(I hate that my tummy is bulging !!)
*It's normal if your body shake violently ! hahha

Step 3 : Bicycle
Use your elbow to touch your opposite knee. Your legs are like cycling in mid air.
Like this :

(left elbow to right knee)
(HAHA ! I was shaking like mad when i did this !... i still need more practice !)

 (right elbow to left knee)
*If you're strong enough, try to lift your both legs off the floor.

Will work harder on my core, hopefully next time you will see 6 packs ! hahaha

& Stop giving excuses to yourself !  
Because :
Eugenia send me this picture to give me more motivation !
*Thanks babe..

Hope with this post, it will give you more motivation as well..

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