Tuesday, 23 April 2013

#02 Cardio exercise

What is Cardio exercise?  
Many people have ask me how i slim down and i always answer doing "hardcore cardio".

Then there will give me the look.. 

Yeah, i know.. I was like that too when i first started. (Motivation from bf to start going to the gym.)
I didn't know where to start and what was suitable for my body.
I was so in the dark.. 

Just want to educate you on what is Cardio.
This is my understanding: 
Cardio workout is a type of workout that will accelerate your heart rate, so that your heart will beat faster.
By beating faster, oxygen will be able to transmit to your whole body. 
Therefore, fats in your body will be able to burn. 
& it also keeps your metabolic rate active so that even when your not exercising,
 your body is still burning fats..
Awesome right?! O.O

This is actually my secret to striping away my layer of fats that i have !


It's a Cardio programme that will  give you "strength, power, resistance, and ab and core training moves. No equipment or weights needed. Just the will to get the hardest body you’ve ever had."
Quote from the

It was introduce to me from my lovely Boyfriend as well..
He randomly was researching ways on how to slim down ( for me )..
And came across this in Youtube. 

It's a 2 months Cardio programme that will kick you in the butt (literally)..
I have been going to the gym for 2 hours before founding out this programme.
& when i started this, going to the gym to do cardio is such a waste of my time. 
I can do it for 45 mins, in the my own house !
Without any equipment !

Even after completing my 2 months of being Insane ! 
I still continue doing it, but maybe about 3-4 times a week.

I have introduced it to many of my friends.
So i guess i wanted to share it with you as well..
If you want to have a fit body, you gotta work for it!

 These are just some picture of me during the workout..
(This is just the warm up !!)
I was too tired to pose properly for the camera when it came to the circuit training !

Jogging on the spot (Main cardio exercise)

This is called the "Straight arm jacks"

This is actually suppose to be "Butt Kicks"
your legs are suppose to come all the way to your butt..
(I know didn't do a great job !)

This workout is called : " Switch kicks"
Basically you're suppose to kick and jump to switch to the other leg and kick.
*Try to bring your leg up to a 90 degrees angle
(I'm still working towards that.. !)

** please excuse my background. house kinda messy !

BTW, & i also want to share about my pants
which i bought from Groupon the brand is called, Zaggora
It is said that : "Zaggora Hotwear burned 9.7% more 
calories than subjects in standard exercise clothing during 30 minutes of exercise"
I'm not sure how true is it, but every time i wear it i will sweat 10 times more than i usually do..

So don't be lazy and start your workout today !!

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