Friday, 19 April 2013

Fiona's 21st Birthday.

Long overdue post. Celebrated one of my close friend's birthday. She is the smallest cutest girl in our group.. & she's turning 21 this year.
Happy 21st birthday, Babe.
Hope you really enjoyed yourself that day.. ;D

Want to do a review about the restaurant that we went .
It's a Japanese BBQ Buffet Restaurant call, Daidomon.

First time going to a Japanese BBQ restaurant.
There is only one outlet in Malaysia which is in Great Eastern Mall, In Jalan Ampang. (Nearby KLCC)

O.O ! uncle inside the pic is a Japanese..
Japanese eating Japanese food in Malaysia? 
Hahahahaha !

There are buffet like food and there is an unlimited ala cart food that you can order. 
Expect for the scallop. Only 2 per person ! T.T
hahahahahha... yup. sad right !

But the overall food was good & i really enjoy the environment of the restaurant.
(Although it's a bit orange-y)


then there was this dish.. I think it's a sashimi beef..
(FYI, got the pic from the internet.)
I didn't know that you can eat beef raw ?! O.O
Sashimi beef.. so surprise. but i only tasted a little.. 
Couldn't stand that it was so raw and red, so i cooked it. hahah..


After eating, it's time to do some celebrating..

I ask her to give us a happier smile.. :D

& then Present time.. :)

Sorry babe, we tricked you. only the paperbag is from Topshop. hahaha !

Taddaaaa.. her present. ;D
Hope you like it babe..

 Camwhoring in the car. hahha..

Just to end the post with my #OOTD.

Really love my top, cause if you look closely there is a bit of glitter.

Top & Skirt : Time square
Shoes : Shopaholic 

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