Friday, 5 April 2013

Making a difference with H&M.

A drop of water creates the Ocean.
A grain of sand creates the Dessert.

So don't ever think that you're small & alone.
A miracle only happens when one person decides to make a change..

But how, you ask?
I'm here to blog about how i made a difference with the help of H&M.

Did you know that H&M is giving out 15% discount if you donate your old clothes?!!
I know, OMG !

so for all you H&M lovers out there, it's time to spring clean your closet.
 Get rid of all those old and outdated clothes.. 

I think their main reason of doing this,
Is so that you don't throw your old clothes away !
I know, some of you lazy to go the recycle bins to donate your clothes, even though there are so many of it now and at convenient  locations.. But still, I know.. T.T

Hopefully it's a kick start for all those who don't normally do this.

Actually this was my sister's idea to do this.
So hopefully more and more people will be able to gain this awareness!

This are the procedures :

Prepare your old clothes in a plastic bag. 
(FYI: Do not use H&M plastic bag, they won't accept. I don't know why !)
Sorry Uniqo !

 STEP 2 :
Present your bag in the counter, and a nice lady or man...
will assist you.

 STEP 3 :

While waiting, CAMWHORE ! hahaa...

And tadaaaa...
Your rewarded for you're good deed. ;D
(BTW, one person is only limited to 2 bags a day. Don't be greedy!)


Mother earth gave us more than we can ask for, do something in return. 
Make a change today, start small.
Cause someone else might just learn from you !

Before ending this post
Here's My #OOTD 

Trying to pull of the serious look. EPIC FAIL !
More like sleepy look !

Since I'm such a H&M lover..
Pulled out all my new clothes i bought from H&M !

Green shirt : H&M
Spray Paint leggings : H&M
Black Backpack : H&M
Black Wedge : Vincci


Necklaces : Online shop
Pink Lip ring : Online Shop
Leopard specs : Random shop in Sunway Pyramid. (forgot !)

& I'm all done for today. 
Hope you guys will have a great weekend. 



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