Wednesday, 3 April 2013

My babe is turning 20.

This is Rachel Lam. She's turning 20 this year.
She's currently in a relationship..
WTF, Writing your biography !

Babe, Happy Birthday and this post is dedicate to you. *wink


Hopefully this year will be a better & brighter year for you !

Even though April is a hectic month for us, 
but Celebrating a birthday is a MUST !

Since Rachel can't get enough of Korean Food since the last visit to Uncle Jang, previous post.
So, Fiona and I decided to bring Rachel to this place in Sri Hartamas call Myung Pum Chicken BBQ.

I'm a Korean Cuisine Lover too..
Spicy & Salty is how i roll.. 
 Tip bits that is provided. FOC..
Before starting the main course i was almost half full.. 
*i was really hungry when i arrived! 

& Of cause FOC water..
(i think it's a culture for Korean Restaurant to serve free water.)

Not like an Italian Restaurant in K.L (that I've been to), 
that charge Rm80+ for freaking SKY JUICE! 

quote from Papa Lau :" You think money grow on trees ?!" 




Kimchi Tau fu Soup.. 
*Mind blasting..
Super awesome ! Must try..

See how happy she is... :D

 One of the few pictures that we took together..
The position and the sunlight spoiled the pic ! T.T

With le babe.


 Rachel Loves Chocolate
*Happy Face..

My two lovely babes..

*I know what you're thinking..
*WTH, so ugly this pic !
FYI, We asked one of the worker there to help us take.. and this is how it looks like.
*face palm 

Present Time.. We both got her a Charm bracelet.
Really hope she likes LOVES it..

My Awkward face ! O.O


Moving On

We went to do some shopping ! After eating so freaking full, have to walk it off..

After Shopping we all had craving for 31 Baskin Robbins !

9 Scoops on Pink Day


Rachel said that the 9 scoops was too little.. So another Double Scoops. :D

Before Ending..

As usual, even it was her birthday she still help me to take 
amazing photos for my #OOTD
sub consciously I think i really like red.. hmmm.. 

The other day when i was driving, i heard on the Radio (Fly.Fm or Hitz.Fm
that when a women wears on a red dress. No man can resist her ! XD
Testing out that theory..
No Red dress.. so this is close enough.

I told you that you were gonna see more of my Cat Ears Hat.

Just notice, my side burn is so long.
Yerrrrr, so ape-y. Damn.


Remember i said I'm gonna blogged about my clothes from H&M (Favorite Shop!)


Cat Ears Hat : Online Shop
Black Sweater : H&M
Skater Skirt : Time Square
Flats : Cotton On
Feather Earring : Digital Mall (USJ)

Happy Birthday Again ! 
XOXO. <3

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