Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Polka Dots.

One week of April has pass like a breeze. 
I'm not really feeling up to April. 
I'm not sure why, I'm feeling a lil' blue~

I constantly feel like skipping class & I just feel so emo.
result of my menstrual cycle ?!  haha

Well, went shopping with my sis the other day.
and just wanted to post a simple outfit post.

My mood swing was so bad that day.. 
my sis wanted to slap my soul out of my body !
I really wanted to slap myself too.. I seriously do not know what's wrong with me.
I've never felt like that for a very long time.
Well, anyways, have to shut my pie hole and start changing my life. 
need to find a purpose in my life. 

Pearly beaded top : Miroku (Fahrenheit 88)
Long Polka Dot pants : Online shop
Paper thin bag : China
Sandals : Birkenstock 

If you want to see a short pants version go to my previous post.

until next time.... 

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