Thursday, 30 May 2013

#04 obliques

Hello everyone.. ;D  Last day of the May. Hopefully everyone is doing awesome. Today I will be showing you how to get a more define oblique . You're probably wondering, what is obliques?
Did you know that your abdominal area are separated into different section? There is your upper abs, middle abs, lower abs and then your obliques.. (i don't want to go into too detail) Will just show you a picture of my obliques..

That line at the side of your 6 pack should be it.. haha !  my 6 pack is currently not available ! hahaha.. I won't lie to you but this is my morning stomach, when at night it will be slightly bloated ! Still working every hard to tone that tummy.. ( not easy, okay !) hahaha..  This is another better and more obvious example..
*got it from the net..
maybe just a bit to manly !  XD
This workout is not really hard, but i won't say it's very easy..  By working out, you're able to get that slim and tone body that you can maintain, Where else slimming pills are only temporarily.. (For some pills, when you stop consuming you might even gain 2x the weight you loss..) So don't be lazy, work for it, once you have it you won't regret it..  *True story ! hahhaha.. Anyways, running off topic. Getting back to the exercise.. It sort of a lazy's man exercise ! you don't need any equipment.. 

Pls ignore my crappy facial expression.. I just woke up.
Raise you knee to reach your elbow, Some people are not so flexible, it's okay. You can just bring it to half way.. & then do the same thing on the other side.
3 sets on each side
1 set = 12-15 reps
(depends on you)
please do not do one shot 100 reps.. You will have a tough time getting up the next day.
Giving you a warning, it will hurt like a bitch if you over stress your body.. (So, please don't!)

If any question or anything you want me to post up on my blog, please inbox me on Facebook.
Toodles ~

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Playing it simple.

Awaiting for my last and final paper next week. I have no idea why they will extend it until next week. T.T So sad.. So I consider this week as my pre-holiday week. HAHAH. ;D Went out with my sister today so had another chance to dress up. So here's my simple outfit post..

Chiffon top : Cotton On
Bodycon dress : H&M
Leopard print heels : MANGO

Just a short one. Want to end it with a LUO SAI (Big boss) pose.

hahhahhahah !  Ciaoss ~

Monday, 27 May 2013

Talk. Laugh. Fun.

Finally came out of my shell.. 
been stuck at home for weeks because of my final.
But i still have one more paper to go, then i'm free like a bird !
& also finally have opportunity to dress up, cause i don't often get the chance to dress up.

 Been planing for awhile with my lovely and also famous blogger, ChanWon.
(If she see this sure want to slap me ! hahah..)
It's been almost 5 years since the last time i saw her..
Still the crazy and lovable superwomen !
She's so famous that once she uploaded a picture with me, straight away i gain followers..
hahaha.. But she's still so humble.

Go check out her blog @
She post up really good advice about beauty, skin care products, & much more..

All of the pictures that we took together was taken with her awesome camera !
So freaking nice, must save up to buy myself one too..

We talk and talk and talk and talk...
five years, you can imagine the amount of things we needed to update each other ! 

Not forgetting my #OOTD!
Because it's not often i have the chance to dress up! 
I have tons of new clothes that is waiting for me to wear!
 Was actually going to wear this beautiful red velvet wedges!
Because we were going to walk around so i brought my flats instead..
So it's still new (*sort of !) hahah..

♥♥♥♥ love it so much !

TOP (actually a dress) : H&M
Skater Skirt : H&M
Red wedges : Forever 21
Sling Bag : H&M

BTW, Chanwon also have her own online boutique on FB,
It's called the double beauty.
You can find many different types of outfits to choose from...

That's all for now.  Nights peeps ! ♥♥

Friday, 17 May 2013

FOOD 101 : Clam & Sausage Pasta

OMG. it's been so long. 
I have stop using social media for about 2 weeks..

Will be doing a food post today..
First time cooking clams, but it turn out pretty well..
Here's my recipe. (serving for 4 people)

1) 1 pack of pasta (spaghetti or linguine)
2) 1 glove of garlic
3) 3 red chili
4) 1 packet of fresh Italian parsley (Picture below)
5) 1 cup of white wine
6) 2 German sausages 
7) 7 bacon stripes 
8) 1.5kg of clams
9) 1 tablespoon of Olive Oil
10) Salt & pepper (to taste)

White wine (left) // Italian parsley & chili (right)

German sausage, olive oil & bacon stripes 

Step 1:
Finely chop all three ingredients : Italian Parsley, chili & garlic

Step 2:
Boil water & cook your pasta

Step 3:
Without oil, stir fry your bacon & sausages in a wok.
until bacon turn golden brown.

Then remove bacon & sausage onto a plate.

Step 4:
Using the same wok 
(don't have to wash the wok. The oil from the bacon will give the pasta an extra flavor)
Add in the olive oil
Add in the Italian parsley, chili & garlic

Step 5:
Pour in one cup of white wine

Step 6: 
Put a pinch of salt & pepper 
(don't over season it !! cause the bacon, sausage & clams already are abit salty)
& then add in the Clams..

Step 7:
Cover it with a lid for about 6-7 mins

After 6-7 mins
Add in the bacon & sausage
The shells will open up ! ;D

*** This is when you taste the sauce whether it needs anything extra.
*play with your pasta..

Step 8:
Strain your pasta 

& pour in your clam & sausage sauce...

& then mix it.. 
(some ppl will use tongs to mix it, but mine wasn't anywhere nearby, so i used chopped sticks instead)

The end..

hahaha... hope you try and enjoy your pasta.
Nothing beats home cook food !

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

#03 In & Out

Well, It's a dark & gloomy May for most of us in Malaysia.
But don't despair, there's always light at the end of each tunnel.
I hope *fingers cross..

Have been wanting to upload this workout last week,
But was caught up with revision & the elections result.. Didn't got the chance.
Long overdue post ! (Again*) haha.
(you guys should know by now i'm a long overdue person.. haha)

I'm going share with you 2 types of workout today.
These workout will target your lower tummy area, 
which I myself always have problem getting rid of.
It also helps to strengthen your arm's muscle.
I learn these workout from Shaun T's "Insanity" !

Workout #1
It's called the In & Out Abs
Usually when i do Insanity, it's about 45 seconds to do as many reps as possible.
But if you're not doing Insanity, You can do :
12-15 reps : 3 set
bring your legs in & palms flat on the floor.

Push up your butt.. ( ↑ like the above picture.)

& Shoot out your legs to a Plank position. (Side view)

(Top view)

& then bring your legs back and repeat.
Try not to use your leg's strength too much but focus on your core.

A few pointers to keep in mind :
1) Always keep your core tight
2) Don't forget to Breathe
3) Always keep a straight posture when you're in a plank position
*Don't stick your butt up in the air when you're in a plank position,
you won't be able to target your lower tummy area.

Workout #2
It's called the Wide In & Out.
Basically it's the same with the above workout, just that you open your legs wide.
Same as before :
12-15 reps : 3 sets

(Side view)
Same as before, but this time take your legs apart into a squat like position.

(Top view)

Another Top View Picture,
in case you are not sure.. ;D

(Side View)
& shoot your legs out.
*Please don't get distracted with my nicely decorated house ! ><
Will try to get a better & tidier background or clean up my house *soon.. haha

(Top View)

Catwang' my face because i looked so scary and tired without any contact lens..
& my tummy was bulging in the picture, cause my period was on it's way.. *paiseh.
Hopefully you enjoy your workout.. cause I did.
*btw, my blue black is much better now. :D

If you have any questions about anything, or want me to post any special workout or tips.
Facebook msg me, will try my best to answer any sort of questions. :)

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