Tuesday, 7 May 2013

#03 In & Out

Well, It's a dark & gloomy May for most of us in Malaysia.
But don't despair, there's always light at the end of each tunnel.
I hope *fingers cross..

Have been wanting to upload this workout last week,
But was caught up with revision & the elections result.. Didn't got the chance.
Long overdue post ! (Again*) haha.
(you guys should know by now i'm a long overdue person.. haha)

I'm going share with you 2 types of workout today.
These workout will target your lower tummy area, 
which I myself always have problem getting rid of.
It also helps to strengthen your arm's muscle.
I learn these workout from Shaun T's "Insanity" !

Workout #1
It's called the In & Out Abs
Usually when i do Insanity, it's about 45 seconds to do as many reps as possible.
But if you're not doing Insanity, You can do :
12-15 reps : 3 set
bring your legs in & palms flat on the floor.

Push up your butt.. ( ↑ like the above picture.)

& Shoot out your legs to a Plank position. (Side view)

(Top view)

& then bring your legs back and repeat.
Try not to use your leg's strength too much but focus on your core.

A few pointers to keep in mind :
1) Always keep your core tight
2) Don't forget to Breathe
3) Always keep a straight posture when you're in a plank position
*Don't stick your butt up in the air when you're in a plank position,
you won't be able to target your lower tummy area.

Workout #2
It's called the Wide In & Out.
Basically it's the same with the above workout, just that you open your legs wide.
Same as before :
12-15 reps : 3 sets

(Side view)
Same as before, but this time take your legs apart into a squat like position.

(Top view)

Another Top View Picture,
in case you are not sure.. ;D

(Side View)
& shoot your legs out.
*Please don't get distracted with my nicely decorated house ! ><
Will try to get a better & tidier background or clean up my house *soon.. haha

(Top View)

Catwang' my face because i looked so scary and tired without any contact lens..
& my tummy was bulging in the picture, cause my period was on it's way.. *paiseh.
Hopefully you enjoy your workout.. cause I did.
*btw, my blue black is much better now. :D

If you have any questions about anything, or want me to post any special workout or tips.
Facebook msg me, will try my best to answer any sort of questions. :)

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