Monday, 27 May 2013

Talk. Laugh. Fun.

Finally came out of my shell.. 
been stuck at home for weeks because of my final.
But i still have one more paper to go, then i'm free like a bird !
& also finally have opportunity to dress up, cause i don't often get the chance to dress up.

 Been planing for awhile with my lovely and also famous blogger, ChanWon.
(If she see this sure want to slap me ! hahah..)
It's been almost 5 years since the last time i saw her..
Still the crazy and lovable superwomen !
She's so famous that once she uploaded a picture with me, straight away i gain followers..
hahaha.. But she's still so humble.

Go check out her blog @
She post up really good advice about beauty, skin care products, & much more..

All of the pictures that we took together was taken with her awesome camera !
So freaking nice, must save up to buy myself one too..

We talk and talk and talk and talk...
five years, you can imagine the amount of things we needed to update each other ! 

Not forgetting my #OOTD!
Because it's not often i have the chance to dress up! 
I have tons of new clothes that is waiting for me to wear!
 Was actually going to wear this beautiful red velvet wedges!
Because we were going to walk around so i brought my flats instead..
So it's still new (*sort of !) hahah..

♥♥♥♥ love it so much !

TOP (actually a dress) : H&M
Skater Skirt : H&M
Red wedges : Forever 21
Sling Bag : H&M

BTW, Chanwon also have her own online boutique on FB,
It's called the double beauty.
You can find many different types of outfits to choose from...

That's all for now.  Nights peeps ! ♥♥

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