Thursday, 2 May 2013

Who said black was mainstream ?!

Too bad I'm not eligible to vote yet.
For those who can, 
I really want to stress the urgency for you to make a change in our Country !
This is how you can show your LOVE ♥♥ to your country !
STOP being Ignorant of politics, your country needs you now more than ever !

Besides the election day, I also have my finals.. *sobsss !
Actually I'm suppose to be studying for my finals 
But Couldn't concentrate, maybe blogging will help me out! :D
New therapy ! everyone has their own way of concentrating, right? hahaha

Anyways, I have been so busy as usual because it's coming to the end of my course.
So i promise to update my blog as frequent as possible once I'm done with my finals..
*fingers cross !

Anyways, Haven't been really posting any nice outfit post lately.
So here's my outfit.
You will always look good in black. 
It will never fail you ! :D

 Too bright.. my eyes.. my eyes.. 

My Studded Black top which i wore it before in my previous post, Fashion for less

I didn't realize my bruise was so obvious until i saw this picture !
O.O ! Looks like a huge birth mark !
My dad called it my new accessory! hahaha.. 
*i actually got it from moving my dad's new and freakin-ishly heavy motorbike !
it was too heavy, & i couldn't balance it properly. I felled, and I hit my arm on a flower pot !
Please don't ask me whether it hurts, Of cause IT DOES ! 
I was screaming and sobbing when my Bf rubbed my blue-black.. SO PAIN. T.T
Despite that, trying to look good in it ! hahhaa :D

*Fed up of posing* Pose.
It's not easy posing & it's harder to get a prefect shot !

This shot was taken by my sis's Iphone 4, with HD mode.
*cause, the pink thing in my hand, it's my phone.

I got my skirt from Time square (always** haha)
I don't remember what shop it's called, but it starts with glitz.. something* 
It's located on the 3rd Floor.
Sorry babes, will do my best to remember next time..

 Thanks, to my bestie ! XD 
For being my Camera-woman..
The only one who is super honest with me. (*sometimes too honest ! hahha)
xoxo ♥ you lot's !
(btw, if you like what she's wearing go check out her new outfit post @ )

Until next time,

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