Sunday, 30 June 2013

Shopping day.

So fast my weekend ended ! and Monday is here again. The toughest day of the week. Seems like so long to Friday.. Well, my weekend was well spend, and i mean literally well spend ! haha.. went shopping with my boyfie. FINALLY ! haven't been going out with him for almost a month. Long story, short, he was busy with his work so we didn't really got a chance to meet that often. After days of nagging him to bring me out, we went, we shop, we concur !  hahaha.. Even though didn't went as plan, there we many factors that contributed ! but mostly boyfie's fault ! hahha. The plan was to go K.L at 3pm, he came around my hse around 6pm. He had to get ready at my hse (took some time.. ) and then I FELL ! on the stairs of my house. OMFG ! pain like crazy ! it was purely my fault i was trying to run up my stairs and i fell, epic ! I was crying & laughing at the same time. it hurt so much and so bad !  Yes, that took quite sometime ! Even with 3 bruises on my leg it didn't stop me from going shopping.. my passion for shopping !  XD  hahah..

wanted to take nice photos but it was already evening, so the lighting wasn't very nice.. this was the best my dslr could do. haha. 

can't really see my bruises, but it's there ! 

We only shopped at h&m, because that was the place to be ! THERE HAVING SALE !  OMG ! SALE.. i didn't even know until i arrived.. i was such a happy kid. i totally forgotten the pain on my leg.. *was floating in heaven ! hahhaa.. 

Tried on this awesome jacket for only rm79 ! it was suppose to be rm149 !  FREAKING CHEAP ! MUST BUY !! hahahha.. wanted to take pic with the clothes that i taken to try, but it was a long que outside, so didn't wanted to make others outside waited for too long . if they knew i was camwhoring inside the fitting room they probably kill me !  

So decided to camwhore outside instead ! (at the mens section, because there we fewer people there.. ) hahhaa...  Btw, not only did i score on buying cheap clothes, daniel did too.. the shorts for men was only rm39.90 !  so freaking cheappppppp... i told him to get all the colors. (but obvious he didn't !) hahaha..  

Black was our theme for today..  :D loving my star-star high waist jeans !
We lost track of time, went we came out looking for food it was almost 10pm. most of the restaurant's kitchen was closing. & daniel wanted to eat rice.. so we decided to fly all the way to PJ to eat bak ku teh ! best bak ku teh  ! We were super hungry ! 


End of the day, this is what we bought 
Doesn't really seem like alot ! hahha..  we spend around 300++.. for 6 pcs.. well spend, well spend ! hahha.. 

OOTD ! <3

Inner wear : h&m 
Knitted wear (top) : time square
Star printed high waist jeans : Sungai wang (6th floor)

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Still having tribal fever..

Tribal print have become so in with the latest fashion trend. Tribal, Floral, Lace, spikes, studs & all sorts of printing that will perk up your wardrobe. So what is you favourite type of printing ?? Since fashion has become the "IN" thing now, ( everyone is trying their best to keep themselves updated with the new trend.. as am i..) I'm sure everyone has their personal favorite !  For me I love spikes & tribal.. floral is not really my thing, but despite that i was make it a point to try out something new !.. See whether it's suitable, never know if you don't try. Right?..  hahha But i guess if you have seen my previous post i LOOOOOOVE BLACK!  seriously love black, because it's really easy to match black with other color. Really LOVE it!  Well, my sis keep telling me that my outfit always lack of color.. Will try my best to spice up my outfit with more color, but SORRY, not today :D.. hahahha..

I love my BLACK !  hahah..  I think almost everyday i will surely wear something black. force of habit !  Most of the time when i'm choosing clothes or accessories, i will most definitely choose black..

This is casual wear, so i'm just wearing my birkenstock ! ;) & This pants was given to me by my friend, she directly told me that she didn't like it. So i guess her loss is my gain. hahah.. But the printing of this pants isn't the best, because it's a horizontal printing. Usual makes you look chubbier.. so if you had a choice always get vertical printings will always make you look slimmer..  (I was listening to my Kemahiran Hidup teacher , okay !) hahaha..  Hope you like my outfit, *wink !  & thanks for viewing my bloggg.. love you all lots.. xoxo.

TOP : Sungai Wang (6th Floor)
Tribal Pants : H&M
Shoes : Birkenstock
Round sunglasses : Ellui accessories

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Movida on a weekday

Haven't been really clubbing or going drinking for awhile. My tolerance level for alcohol is quite low. haha. I generally don't really like drinking, i think every time i take a sip i will think of how much calories ! hahah.. drinking a glass is like eat 3-4 bowls of rice.  well, anyways, i end up drinking more than 6 cups!  OH, how much i regretted it ! hahhaa.. but i had fun, even though it was there wasn't many of us. & it was sorta last min thing, Rachel wassap me around 8 something.. hahha. Since i finish college, go out and enjoy abit la. ;D I always have grandma attitude sometimes when it comes to going drinking and clubbing, scared the late hours and drinking i cannot tahan ! already 20 this year.. sometimes, feels like 80 !  haha.. So i got out my comfort zone to go party with my best babe ! :D

 we played this game with a dice.. not really sure how to explain, but i know if you keep losing you have to keep drinking. It sucks, cause i kept losing ! WTF.  seriously , i wasn't always like that. hahhaa... i always win the drinking game. Well, it was all Rachel's friend's friend.. they ordered beer.. and i dislike beer, so it was really a challenge !  drinking something so bitter.. sometimes i wonder how people get addicted to beer? it's just so bitter..  and some more it's not cheap le.

Pictures was taken by my phone so it's not really good quality. but i really love the filter that camera 360 provided, OMG, looks so retro-lomo-ish !  I LOOOOOVEEE ! <3  very nice righhhhht??  :DD hahhaha...  the next morning, had a quite serious hangover and my period just came as well !  So it took me about 30-40 mins just to get out of bed. I always had problem with my period.. Sorry people, if this is a ewwwh, subject. hahaha.. but it was like hulk just punch me in my stomach ! so painnnn !  Anyways, i really had fun and meeting new people. sort of.. hahha. that's all for now. :)

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

My ship always sink

I always have a problem letting people in my life. Fully trusting someone is something i really struggle with. Although, people who know me generally think i'm friendly and outgoing.. cause i'm really talkative ( not always in a good way..) but despite that, it really hard to for me to have best or close friends. Ever since i had a misunderstanding with one of my secondary school friend, it was then i realize her true colors. That's why when i made new friends, if there was any occasion that i saw their ugly true colors i tend to step one step back.. I know it sounds really terrible ! But i'm really afraid that history will repeat itself. I guess i'm always looking for the easy way out.

It's really easy to make friends, but best friends are really hard to find. Sometimes i think the problem is really me, i usually only let others in my life but not my secrets. Having to know that no matter what that person got your back, won't take you for granted... Cause i have people that constantly take me for granted, always thinking that because i'm always so happy and cheerful that i'm okay with anything.. HATE THAT FEELING !  Please don't think i'm easy to bully ! I'm a strong and aggressive ! don't mess with me, i will bring you down ! Seriously sometimes, i get really angry when other people only think of their own convenience and need to inconvenience others to suit with their plans... Come on ! Why sometimes people always think that they are the only one with problems?? We are all in the same situation, shouldn't all our problems be the same ?  Seriously massive face palm !  The world owes you nothing, so stop acting like everyone is suppose to give you something ! geeezz.. My GOD.. really need to blow off some steam..

I don't need friends to tell me how to act, how to look and how to dress.. Everyone has their own style and own look. stop criticizing people if you yourself have nothing to show. Was chit chat-ing with chan won, and she was telling me about her problems, there was one thing that she told me which i totally agreed with her. :-- her friend was telling her, :" if you're my friend, you should be there for me when i'm frustrated. she answered , " then who is going to be there for me when i'm frustrated?"   Which i think it's true, if you are the one who is going to pick up other people mess, who is going to pick up yours?! Shouldn't friends be there for you and try to make some changes so that the plan will suit to both parties.. and not insist and fight. I have seen so many people can so easily express their angry with people they hardly know, who's to say that if you are friends they won't do it to you !

Typing all these out, made me think back.. i really don't want and need a friend who makes me sad and angry. Life is so short to be upset and unhappy. Is it too much to ask for a friend that you can spend time with and have fun.. ?  & FYI : to those out there thinks that i'm talking about you, I'm not ! unless you did something to upset me. XD.. hahha..  I had to express myself. & i heard blogging about it, is the modern therapy ! hahahah..  My friends, 朋友, kawan-kawan, pls don't take this personally.. i was just typing all these to see whether you will finish reading my post. hahha. i guess i got you ! *wink.  xoxo.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Beating that Monday Blues..

It's Monday. I'm sure everyone is fighting that Monday blues~ Starting work or class.. T.T I know, totally understand. Suddenly have to wake up early to get ready.. Feeling my eye bag is getting thicker & heavier ! Becoming panda women ady. hahha. I'm sure everyone had a late night yesterday, since it was Father's Day. My family didn't celebrate, cause my father went overseas will only be back tomorrow. & actually was suppose to go out to celebrate a friend's birthday, but it got cancel last min. So I was destine to stay at home to be a cough potatoes. Spend my Sunday night with sister, watching Modern Family (Tv series) for the whole night. MY LAME SUNDAY NIGHT ! T.T   But despite that, i still slept at 1-2am. hahaha.. enjoying the homie lifestyle.. After my finals, promised myself to go out for more outing so i can blog more often, but still have no plans yet.. Soon ya, (I hope !)

Anyways, haven't been so active as usual. So i just want to update my blog with a outfit post, so that maybe can give you some ideas with your outfit. I think by now you would know that i love matching black with red. my all time favorite colors! Really hope you guys like it, and hope you all can get some ideas how to mix and match your clothes with your skater skirt. ;D since it's so in fashion now ! 

Sorry for the tired face ! wasn't ready for the camera. heheh..

Beat that Monday Blues, because it will be Tuesday soon. ;D

Black sweater : Uniqlo
Red Skater skirt : Time square
Shoes : Forever 21

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

DIY Salad.

I use to scratch my head on what to eat everyday. Whether or not this food is good for my body?  I know i really sound like a crazy person who is obsesses with her weight, but i swwear I'm not. Every since i started working out, automatically i would ask myself : " This food i'm eating now, is this healthy food?".. I guess these are the sort of things you will automatically do when you change your lifestyle... But once in awhile it's okay to have some cheat meals.. We are still humans, don't worry about it too much. But always keep in mind, that rich and delicious food are meant to be eaten as a treat/ reward for yourself when you achieve something. But it doesn't mean that healthy food cannot be delicious.. hahhaa.. ;D

So i actually customized my own platter of salad. (Just to give you all a rough idea.) You can also customized your own salad. Because i only have these ingredients on hand so This is what i made. . ( btw, if you didn't notice, there is a bed of vege under all these goodness !)  Yummmmmmmm... :)

1) 1 stalk of lectucce (can use any type of salad vege)
2) 3-4 Cherry tomatoes
3) 2 Hard boiled eggs
4) 1/4 of white soft tofu
5) 2-3 stripes of bacon (can use any type of protein)

1) 1/2 tablespoon of Worcestershire Sauce (can replace with soy sauce)
2) 1 tablespoon of olive oil
3) dash of parsley/ basil (dried or fresh also can, but of cause fresh better! ><)

That's about it. Simple right?! try to DIY your own salad, it's really easy.  Btw, wanted to add something, actually i have constantly hear people saying that, you shouldn't add soy sauce, sweet sauce or any sauce to taste.. HOW CAN?! I don't want my meal to be just about being healthy i want to enjoy the food i eat.  There is a saying that: "home cook food is always better, it's because we can control how salty or sweet the food should be."  So give yourself a break ! *wink..

Monday, 10 June 2013

Tiger's head

Helloooo ! :)  been enjoy my holiday period, starting my working life soon. haha. for now la, cause still deciding on whether should i continue with my studies. but everyone tells me that once you start working you won't want to study. Let's see how it goes i guess.. I seriously almost forgot how good it feels like staying at home watching the tv series you like episode after episode !  hahaha.. Being a potatoe couch ! XD 
Btw, have been a bit slow on my blog..  so just wanted to update it with an outfit post. I guess most people have seen this dress (or might think it looks familiar).. 
YUP! It's from h&m.  

 Dress : h&m
Shoes : Vincci

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