Sunday, 16 June 2013

Beating that Monday Blues..

It's Monday. I'm sure everyone is fighting that Monday blues~ Starting work or class.. T.T I know, totally understand. Suddenly have to wake up early to get ready.. Feeling my eye bag is getting thicker & heavier ! Becoming panda women ady. hahha. I'm sure everyone had a late night yesterday, since it was Father's Day. My family didn't celebrate, cause my father went overseas will only be back tomorrow. & actually was suppose to go out to celebrate a friend's birthday, but it got cancel last min. So I was destine to stay at home to be a cough potatoes. Spend my Sunday night with sister, watching Modern Family (Tv series) for the whole night. MY LAME SUNDAY NIGHT ! T.T   But despite that, i still slept at 1-2am. hahaha.. enjoying the homie lifestyle.. After my finals, promised myself to go out for more outing so i can blog more often, but still have no plans yet.. Soon ya, (I hope !)

Anyways, haven't been so active as usual. So i just want to update my blog with a outfit post, so that maybe can give you some ideas with your outfit. I think by now you would know that i love matching black with red. my all time favorite colors! Really hope you guys like it, and hope you all can get some ideas how to mix and match your clothes with your skater skirt. ;D since it's so in fashion now ! 

Sorry for the tired face ! wasn't ready for the camera. heheh..

Beat that Monday Blues, because it will be Tuesday soon. ;D

Black sweater : Uniqlo
Red Skater skirt : Time square
Shoes : Forever 21

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