Wednesday, 12 June 2013

DIY Salad.

I use to scratch my head on what to eat everyday. Whether or not this food is good for my body?  I know i really sound like a crazy person who is obsesses with her weight, but i swwear I'm not. Every since i started working out, automatically i would ask myself : " This food i'm eating now, is this healthy food?".. I guess these are the sort of things you will automatically do when you change your lifestyle... But once in awhile it's okay to have some cheat meals.. We are still humans, don't worry about it too much. But always keep in mind, that rich and delicious food are meant to be eaten as a treat/ reward for yourself when you achieve something. But it doesn't mean that healthy food cannot be delicious.. hahhaa.. ;D

So i actually customized my own platter of salad. (Just to give you all a rough idea.) You can also customized your own salad. Because i only have these ingredients on hand so This is what i made. . ( btw, if you didn't notice, there is a bed of vege under all these goodness !)  Yummmmmmmm... :)

1) 1 stalk of lectucce (can use any type of salad vege)
2) 3-4 Cherry tomatoes
3) 2 Hard boiled eggs
4) 1/4 of white soft tofu
5) 2-3 stripes of bacon (can use any type of protein)

1) 1/2 tablespoon of Worcestershire Sauce (can replace with soy sauce)
2) 1 tablespoon of olive oil
3) dash of parsley/ basil (dried or fresh also can, but of cause fresh better! ><)

That's about it. Simple right?! try to DIY your own salad, it's really easy.  Btw, wanted to add something, actually i have constantly hear people saying that, you shouldn't add soy sauce, sweet sauce or any sauce to taste.. HOW CAN?! I don't want my meal to be just about being healthy i want to enjoy the food i eat.  There is a saying that: "home cook food is always better, it's because we can control how salty or sweet the food should be."  So give yourself a break ! *wink..

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