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Losing weight, its no secret.

Losing weight for women is like the hottest topic. Other than fashion.. haha. But i guess everyone has a different concept about losing weight.. because we always listen to different sources, for example, the usual lose weight tips, (which i think most people have heard from a friend, who heard from a friend.. hahah)
1) Don't eat after 6pm. (or dinner)
2) Don't eat rice
3) Starve yourself ( exp: only 2 piece of bread a day)
4) Only eat meat
5) Drink supplement to replace meals
6) Exercise everyday
7) Detox

The more unusual one (unhealthy)
1) Vomit after every meal
2) Keep telling yourself that your fat, so that you will be thin (physiologic Bullsh*t)
3) Only drink water..
& the list goes on and on.. Everyone has a friend who gives advice to others which she heard from a friend who know about health and losing weight... But everyone has their own concept about losing weight. 

Since it's such a hot topic, just want to share with everyone my method of losing and maintaining my weight ! Starts with the golden question to ask yourself..

how determine are you to lose that belly fat ? Would you do anything to achieve your goal? Losing weight is not the hardest part, is maintaining that is the hardest !  Ladies, Stop feeling bad for yourself and make a change ! I guarantee you won't regret it !  You can STOP reading if you are just looking for a magical pill to slim down, because i don't have it.

I'm gonna show you my before and after picture.. just so that you know i'm not just Bullsh*ting.. I used to be about 60kg, my height is about 165-166cm..  When i tell most of my friends, they all are like :" WTF! 60kg sure or not?!"  YUP! i was a chubby teen. and i struggle with it ! 

Before (60kg)

Now (51kg)

I wasn't really FAT, but i was chubby and i had to hide my body under big and baggy clothes. Shopping for clothes was so difficult. Last time, i will never caught dead wearing jeans, skinny or any sort of long pants because my butt was huge ! i didn't feel comfortable with my body.. Before, i usually wear a size 10 for pants, wear L-XL for other clothing.. But now, i can wear sizes up to 6 & clothes from S. I'm even comfortable wearing a crop top with shorts.. I can't really explain this feeling to you, you just have to try it out yourself. 

Getting back to losing weight, this is purely my experience. Feel free to modify it in anywhere to suit your lifestyle.. First on the list is "DIET", Some people hear this word and immediately they paint a picture in their head which looks like this..
& NO! having a healthy diet does not lead to anorexia.. I'm a food person, i love burger and pizza and french fries... but i just learn how to control. Diet is not just a one time thing or 3 months thing.. it becomes your lifestyle.  Learning how to eat is the most important, when it comes to losing weight, your DIET is 80% and EXERCISE is 20% !  So i guess the first very important step is to know your food. 


These are a few examples of my daily meals.. and just so you know I'm a big eater, and i don't like to be hungry.. When people look at me and always ask, have i been starving myself .. I'm like 
Starving is to main stream.. XD...
Anyways, getting back to my meals..

My Morning breakfast will usually look like this..

Rolled Oats with milk & banana

Something salty..
Whole meal bread with eggs, ham & lettuce. 
(Yum. I love savory breakfast !)

If i have nothing else to cook

Bread, eggs & a cup of orange juice


Cooked pasta (no salt & less oil) with hard boiled eggs & fresh cucumber.


Baked fish with baked potatoes & fresh salad.

However sometimes everyone will fall back to their old habit and eat "fattening" food.. But It's Okay.. I have a friend who share with me this interesting tip (he is a very fit person, FYI. hahha)
 In 1 week, only limit yourself to eat 3 meals that are non healthy.. Example of unhealthy food..

Forgotten what is this burger called, so i'm just gonna called it,
Burger from Caffeiness  ! hahaha 
I'm sorry to say that this burger did not satisfied my craving.. T.T

Pesto pasta with pan fried chicken from PadiHouse.
It's quite nice, but too oily. 

PAN MEE from one of the kopitam in Taman Desa.

This three meals are not to be eaten on a daily basis. I feel that in Malaysia because its so easy to buy and take away food & we have so much rich and different variety of food (good thing but..) I feel that sometimes we tend to forgot about the quality of the food and focus only about the taste of the food. Some of my friends will actually reject eating the food if the food is not salty enough. I'm not asking you to give up your favorite Curry laska, Nasi lemak or KFC.. but it is recommend to only consume this type of food only 3 meals a week or less. :)  

Other than the food, the portion of the food is also very important. Never eat until your 100% full. It's really bad for your body when you over eat. So, always try to limit yourself to eat until almost full about 80%. This is really hard practice for me, even until now i have trouble controlling. T.T It's really not easy training yourself mentally ! 

Than there is the other 20% which is EXERCISE. which I love! Being slim and thin is one thing, but being fit & healthy is totally different. Previously i have shared about my workout. My daily routine would be 3 days cardio & 2 days strength training, the other 2 days is off day. ;D Ever since i started working out, i feel so much more different. I feel my body changing and when i wear my clothes i feel more confident. But i still have much to do and learn. This is just my experience, I know it's long and wordy. But hope you made it to the end. Really happy that i'm able to share this with you all..  That's all for now, Have a good night. <3 

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