Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Movida on a weekday

Haven't been really clubbing or going drinking for awhile. My tolerance level for alcohol is quite low. haha. I generally don't really like drinking, i think every time i take a sip i will think of how much calories ! hahah.. drinking a glass is like eat 3-4 bowls of rice.  well, anyways, i end up drinking more than 6 cups!  OH, how much i regretted it ! hahhaa.. but i had fun, even though it was there wasn't many of us. & it was sorta last min thing, Rachel wassap me around 8 something.. hahha. Since i finish college, go out and enjoy abit la. ;D I always have grandma attitude sometimes when it comes to going drinking and clubbing, scared the late hours and drinking i cannot tahan ! already 20 this year.. sometimes, feels like 80 !  haha.. So i got out my comfort zone to go party with my best babe ! :D

 we played this game with a dice.. not really sure how to explain, but i know if you keep losing you have to keep drinking. It sucks, cause i kept losing ! WTF.  seriously , i wasn't always like that. hahhaa... i always win the drinking game. Well, it was all Rachel's friend's friend.. they ordered beer.. and i dislike beer, so it was really a challenge !  drinking something so bitter.. sometimes i wonder how people get addicted to beer? it's just so bitter..  and some more it's not cheap le.

Pictures was taken by my phone so it's not really good quality. but i really love the filter that camera 360 provided, OMG, looks so retro-lomo-ish !  I LOOOOOVEEE ! <3  very nice righhhhht??  :DD hahhaha...  the next morning, had a quite serious hangover and my period just came as well !  So it took me about 30-40 mins just to get out of bed. I always had problem with my period.. Sorry people, if this is a ewwwh, subject. hahaha.. but it was like hulk just punch me in my stomach ! so painnnn !  Anyways, i really had fun and meeting new people. sort of.. hahha. that's all for now. :)

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