Sunday, 30 June 2013

Shopping day.

So fast my weekend ended ! and Monday is here again. The toughest day of the week. Seems like so long to Friday.. Well, my weekend was well spend, and i mean literally well spend ! haha.. went shopping with my boyfie. FINALLY ! haven't been going out with him for almost a month. Long story, short, he was busy with his work so we didn't really got a chance to meet that often. After days of nagging him to bring me out, we went, we shop, we concur !  hahaha.. Even though didn't went as plan, there we many factors that contributed ! but mostly boyfie's fault ! hahha. The plan was to go K.L at 3pm, he came around my hse around 6pm. He had to get ready at my hse (took some time.. ) and then I FELL ! on the stairs of my house. OMFG ! pain like crazy ! it was purely my fault i was trying to run up my stairs and i fell, epic ! I was crying & laughing at the same time. it hurt so much and so bad !  Yes, that took quite sometime ! Even with 3 bruises on my leg it didn't stop me from going shopping.. my passion for shopping !  XD  hahah..

wanted to take nice photos but it was already evening, so the lighting wasn't very nice.. this was the best my dslr could do. haha. 

can't really see my bruises, but it's there ! 

We only shopped at h&m, because that was the place to be ! THERE HAVING SALE !  OMG ! SALE.. i didn't even know until i arrived.. i was such a happy kid. i totally forgotten the pain on my leg.. *was floating in heaven ! hahhaa.. 

Tried on this awesome jacket for only rm79 ! it was suppose to be rm149 !  FREAKING CHEAP ! MUST BUY !! hahahha.. wanted to take pic with the clothes that i taken to try, but it was a long que outside, so didn't wanted to make others outside waited for too long . if they knew i was camwhoring inside the fitting room they probably kill me !  

So decided to camwhore outside instead ! (at the mens section, because there we fewer people there.. ) hahhaa...  Btw, not only did i score on buying cheap clothes, daniel did too.. the shorts for men was only rm39.90 !  so freaking cheappppppp... i told him to get all the colors. (but obvious he didn't !) hahaha..  

Black was our theme for today..  :D loving my star-star high waist jeans !
We lost track of time, went we came out looking for food it was almost 10pm. most of the restaurant's kitchen was closing. & daniel wanted to eat rice.. so we decided to fly all the way to PJ to eat bak ku teh ! best bak ku teh  ! We were super hungry ! 


End of the day, this is what we bought 
Doesn't really seem like alot ! hahha..  we spend around 300++.. for 6 pcs.. well spend, well spend ! hahha.. 

OOTD ! <3

Inner wear : h&m 
Knitted wear (top) : time square
Star printed high waist jeans : Sungai wang (6th floor)

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