Thursday, 27 June 2013

Still having tribal fever..

Tribal print have become so in with the latest fashion trend. Tribal, Floral, Lace, spikes, studs & all sorts of printing that will perk up your wardrobe. So what is you favourite type of printing ?? Since fashion has become the "IN" thing now, ( everyone is trying their best to keep themselves updated with the new trend.. as am i..) I'm sure everyone has their personal favorite !  For me I love spikes & tribal.. floral is not really my thing, but despite that i was make it a point to try out something new !.. See whether it's suitable, never know if you don't try. Right?..  hahha But i guess if you have seen my previous post i LOOOOOOVE BLACK!  seriously love black, because it's really easy to match black with other color. Really LOVE it!  Well, my sis keep telling me that my outfit always lack of color.. Will try my best to spice up my outfit with more color, but SORRY, not today :D.. hahahha..

I love my BLACK !  hahah..  I think almost everyday i will surely wear something black. force of habit !  Most of the time when i'm choosing clothes or accessories, i will most definitely choose black..

This is casual wear, so i'm just wearing my birkenstock ! ;) & This pants was given to me by my friend, she directly told me that she didn't like it. So i guess her loss is my gain. hahah.. But the printing of this pants isn't the best, because it's a horizontal printing. Usual makes you look chubbier.. so if you had a choice always get vertical printings will always make you look slimmer..  (I was listening to my Kemahiran Hidup teacher , okay !) hahaha..  Hope you like my outfit, *wink !  & thanks for viewing my bloggg.. love you all lots.. xoxo.

TOP : Sungai Wang (6th Floor)
Tribal Pants : H&M
Shoes : Birkenstock
Round sunglasses : Ellui accessories

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