Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Majestic Hotel K.L / High Tea

My first English Experience at Colonial Cafe, Majestic Hotel K.L. :D My dad suggested to bring us to Majestic for high tea to celebrate my birthday. Since I have never had High Tea before.. (Yes, I'm super lame, I know.. !)
All along I thought high tea was just a sweet snack , ( generally, I prefer eating savoury food !) so when my dad suggested, I was not really into it ! but I was so wrong ! The food was more than a person could eat and it was super filling & best of all they serve savoury food !! YAYYYY!

(picture taken from google.)

High tea was at 3pm, but I was glued to the TV and I had very little time picking out my outfit. My outfit was not the lease bit proper for the place ! Too street style with my cat ears hat ! hahaha.. everyone was starring at me when we came in ! LOL ! I should have wore something more posh ! But awwhh well ! Still gonna ootd for you guys ! ( cause i don't care ! XD )

 "YEAH" shirt from time square |  Leather (PVC) skirt from time square | Cat ears hat from Online shop | Shoes from H&M

Just looking at my outfit seems okay.. But you haven't see the place yet..
when I reached the cafe, I was face palming myself from the inside !!  T.T

Now do you understand what I mean when I said I didn't wear to appropriate !  hahhahaha..  

High tea is served !
The actually served a pot of tea individually.. No need to share ><  hahhaa..

 Scones ! :D  Yummmmmm~
 The scones was served with jam & cream ! 

Savoury food.. My favourite !  :DDDD

I ate so much.. until we had to bungkus back the left overs ! The food is really yummy and the environment is so peaceful.. 
I would definitely recommend you to try this place out if you are a High tea person.. (or even if you're not, like me, It might just convert you into a high tea person ! hahahha.. *wink

Really appreciate my dad spending time and money to bring us to such a nice place for my birthday. Cause i'm only 20 ! (yes, ONLY 20 ! no big deal !) hahhaha.. Btw, my dad always doesn't like to look at the camera when we take pictures, (I wonder why? ) will train him to take nicer shots... Like this  

HAHHAHAHAH ! OMG ! Laughing my ass off ! 
Ya, That's my crazy ass sister molesting my dad ! hahahhahaha!!

Really had a wonderful celebration this year ! I want to again thank everyone who wished, celebrated and gave me presents on my birthday ! :D 
XOXO ~ have a great day everyone ! :)

Btw, here's the hotel details:

The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur
5, Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin,
50000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Tel : +603 2785 8000 
Fax : +603 2785 8080

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

NIHONKAI Japanese Restaurant / Birthday celebration pt 2

YAYYY, Finally my birthday cake ~  hehe.. What's a birthday without a birthday cake ! hahhaa.. Acutally had my 2nd birthday celebration on friday evening, straight after i celebrated with Rachel.. We went to a nice cute Japanese Restaurant in Sunway called NIHONKAI. For those of you who know where is Soju, it's actually just opposite it. :D  Was really touch that they made so much time & effort to help me plan my celebration.

I really like love eating Japanese food. So i was really excited to try out this new place because of all the good reviews of this place from all my friends.. :) hahaha..

The restaurant is only one shop lot, so it's kind of small, hence you will need to wait for space to sit. But we came around 8pm (because i arrived late ! Sorry T.T!) so we only needed to wait for 5-10 mins for our table.. * Thank God ! I was starving ! (my patience lvl is very low ! so i always try not to go to spaces that i need to wait 1 hour for food !  tak boleh tahan lah ! that's why until now i still haven't tried BurgerLab..  XD)

They actually made the effort to make the wasabi in cute shape and sizes..

I got a flower wasabi. Kawaii ~ right ?  
(but Omfg, i was so caught up with the cuteness, i totally forgot it was so mind blastingly HOT !)  
T.T tearing ! 

I order the Soba noodles with Ebi & Vege Tempura ! Yummmmm... 

look at my quail's egg.. Cuteness overload.  (Sorry mama bird we had to steal your baby from you.)

Before I move on with the group pictures.. here are the details of the restaurant. :)

NIHONKAI Japanese Restaurant 
Address : 2, Jalan PJS 8/18, Dataran Mentari, 46150, PJ, Selangor
Contact No : 03-56301368
Business Hour : 12:00pm-3:00pm & 6:00p.m-10:00p.m daily 

LMAO ! Mike's face !  hahahhaha...

Mickey Phan so happy to get her noodle.. hahha.. :D

WTF ! I look like i have a bald spot ! SHIT ! (*random !)

The gang.. 
We had to split to take the group picture cause the room didn't have enough space for everyone to fit in to one picture.. 

My two darlings ! :) 

All these pictures that i took with Mickey was taken by her iphone 5, front camera leh  !  
So freaking nice, right ?! .. love all the pictures so much.. So tempted to get an iphone 5 ! haha. 

 W/ Boyfie ♥

Not forgetting my selca shot. haha. This was take by my DSLR. it's really not easy cause it's super heavy !
After dinner we actually went to First Subang for Karaoke !
Yes, I love Karaoke as well.. like seriously ! (i can sing to my lungs get sore in the car with the radio on ! So you can imagine Singing K! )
Karaoke is a place where, everyone can be an artist ! quote by me. hahhaa..
Japanese food and Karaoke was like heaven for me. could not get any better than this ! hahhaa.. 
when it was nearing to 12am, So many birthday wishes started popping out on my phone.. :D

Really want to THANK YOU EVERYONE for wishing me on my birthday.
I was really touched ! ..
Other than instagram & FB.. Some of my other friends, wish me on msg, wassap, & one sweet girl called me to wish me personally !  hahaha.. so sweet..
Over joy with happiness ! *tearing ~ Really want to hug everyone !
THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN! ♥♥♥♥ love you all lots.

I didn't expect much this birthday but everyone really surprise me. I feel so happy & grateful to have so many wonderful friends surrounding me.
Making time to spend it with me, don't know how to express my happiness ! I guess when you expect less, more would come.
I really had a great time, FOOD was good, ENTERTAINMENT was awesome & most of all THE BEST company that i can ever find. :D  muah muah

AND BEST PART ABOUT YOUR BIRTHDAY is all the presents you receive ! :D
Thank you, Mickey for the two lovely earring from Diva ! Love it very much ♥ !
Especially love the Givenchy perfume that my lovely boyfie got me..
Now i can smell irresistible.. hahahhah XD
Daniel told me he smelled so many perfume until his nose also blocked ady, only he found the prefect one ! Awwhh, thanks darling. Really love it♥  xoxo ~

Really want to thank you everyone again for the celebration, wishes and presents !
Had an awesome time ♥

Here's my ootd :)

Crop top : H&M
Polka Dot skirt : H&M
Chain necklace : H&M ( sister's necklace. )

Yes, I'm a hardcore H&M supporter ! 

Bye ~
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