Monday, 22 July 2013

Three little pigs & big bad Wolf / birthday celebration Pt1

20th July 1993 is my birth date. Put it in your calender so you don't forget ! hahaha..
Being 20 now, has made me realise that time passed by so fast.. and looking back at my life, i keep on wondering what have i achieve so far?  well.. really looking at it nothing much. But i made some new resolutions so that when my 21st birthday comes i won't look back and think that i wasted my time doing nonsenses  ! ( I hope.. )
My first celebration was a small one with my lovely babe, Rachel <3  ... Say "Hi", Rachel..

This is she.. :D
Sorry ya, the lighting was facing me, that's why its slightly dark.. ( But she still looks pretty , as always :D ) 
We went to Three little pigs & big bad Wolf. I have heard many many good and nice restaurants & cafes in Bangsar.. but haven't got the chance to go until now. YAYYY.. I'm such a happy kid !  ;DD was so excited to go try this new place !  

YES !  XD  ( cutest baby meme )

This is the entrance from the grocery store.. Which i think it's kind weird..  Buying milk and cheese half way, BAM, suddenly got an entrance to some where else !  hahaha.. Seriously weird.. But there have the main entrance which you have to walk out under the sun before entering.. which that's what i did. :D Just want to show you the deco of the place.. it's really nice and cozy.. :D 

 Yes, it's non-halal ! I'm sorry my muslim friends ! T.T 


The interior design is really nice and the food is actually quite reasonable. :)  
& OMG.. The food is AWESOME !  Yum yum ! SCROLL DOWN  ↓

We had potatoes leeks soup as our starter !  ( I think this dish is okay okay la.. )

 For our main we ordered  burger.. 
( Crap ! forgot what is it called. Something along the line : Big bad wolf burger? Not really sure..)

& the fish market basket :DD ( i think that's how they called it.. thousand apology, got gold fish memory!  )

Among all i think i really like the burger.. It's really delicious cause the patty is really compact & the fry egg on top is splendid ! even as i'm describing it, i'm starting to drool ! XD... It's really good the food. & the actually serve their dishes with a side salad, whic is a plus for me.. cause i love salad ! 
The place, food & enviroment is really a tumbs up for me! I would definitely recommend you to come try out this place !  

This was what Rachel got for me  ! : DD
You're probably thinking what is it right... TAAAADAAAA...
It's a H&M gift card !  :D Since i buy most of my clothes from H&M ! !  
Can't believe she is encouraging my shopping addict ! hahhaha... Awhh well, that's what friends are for right? to bring out the best & worst in you ! XD...

Lastly, not forgetting my outfit.. 
which most of you who follow my instagram would see this outfit ady.. :D So here it is.. 
(Black & white, with a pinch of gold, My fav ! )

I know i look really sad in the few photos.. Cause the sun was too bright ! I tried taking a few shots smiling, it looks like some thing died on my face ! T.T not joking ! 

Strips Top (dress) : Time square
Black skater : H&M
Bag : H&M
Necklace : MySale

just wanted to share this moving picture of me. 
Which accidentally created ! those of you who knows how to create this pls share it with me.. it looks extremely cool.. But it's kinda blur.. ISN'T COOL ?  I'm Moving ~  hahahha.. 



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