Thursday, 4 July 2013

Casio TR15 and TR10 (Flip screen)

Hello peeps, how's everyone ?  still crawling through the week?.. Don't worry tmr will be TGIF already !   Got some great news for everyone especially those camwhore lovers , CASIO had just launched their latest camera with flip screen in MALAYSIA ! GREAT NEWS , right?   Suddenly the week doesn't feel so bad after all ! hahahha.. Keep reading if your interested with this slick and sexy flip screen camera.. For those who read my blog (you have my deepest heart felt gratitude ! *my eyes are already tearing ), i'm still a newbie, and i don't have much viewers on my blog.. but despite that, ChanWon still asked me to join her in this Casio event held at Renoma Cafe, K.L..  I was so excited and nervous all at the same time, knowing that we will be the first in Malaysia to see Casio's latest TR15 & TR10 ~ ! O.O I was actually looking for a camwhore and user friendly camera cause, i only have a DSLR.. and you can imagine how heavy it is to carry it around !  hahhaha.. So going to this event was such a plus plus for me ! :D

TAAAADAAAA !  the latest TR15 and TR10 !  

Isn't this the awesome-est camera ever !!  I felt so lucky being one of the first few people to play and touch it up close..  You're probably wondering what is the difference with TR15 & TR10..

TR15 :  wireless
TR10 : Without wireless 

There is not differences with the function and features, just that one has wireless and the other don't. If you're really interested in getting this awesome camera, will include the prices and where to get it at the end of this post .. :D  

Catalog explaining the awesome features of the cameras...

The Features & function of the Camera.
Did you know that TR15 & TR10 has a built in function for Brightening & Make-up.  So you don't need to download additional camera app to beautify your pictures. It's really simple, you just take a picture and choose the effects you want... 

(This function is only for TR15) , Download an app on your phone called the "REMOTE"

and simply just choose the pictures you want and load it into your phone. & it doesn't stop there, this crazily awesome camera has the function to take self portrait pictures !  Technology is advancing so fast, can't imagine what kind of function can a camera do now. I was so impressed with the self-portrait function ! ♥  Falling in love with this camera already..

After the slide show, there were 4 guest artist who was invited by Casio to do a review about Casio's TR15.. and to explain the function of the camera..  All of them are so pretty !  :D Not only did i get to play with Casio's latest camera I also manage to meet so many famous and friendly artist.. I'm bursting with happiness and excitement ! hahaha. Soon after, they ended the event with a lucky draw! But We stayed on after the event to play with the camera..  

Look at the definition on the camera ! SO CLEAR AND NICE !  O.O  ! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥  

With Flash ! :DD  ♥♥

Had to camwhore with it a few times before departing with the camera.. T.T *sniff

Btw, meet Povy ! one the bloggers i met at the event. :)

& Of cause my Lovely babe ♥  Ms. ChanWon. :DDD

Before leaving we took a group photo with the Casio's Marketing manager, Ms. Fui Fui (the second from the left, with the Casio logo on her hand..)
(from the left,  Povy, Fui Fui, ChanWon, SharonBee, ChenelleWen, and me. :) )

& lastly, Casio did not let us left empty handed.. They gave a a lovely door gift.. which includes :

A Lovely recycle bag, Casio Polo-T, a cute mini pen-drive version of the TR15, and a catalog of the camera..

Really love the pen-drive ! ♥ 
 couldn't take home a full size TR15, a mini one will suffice ! XD hahahha.. 

We all got XL for our Polo-T, cause we were one of the last few to leave the Cafe.. T.T  After the event, we went to have early dinner at Komugi Cafe, Pavilion. I was really hungry, cause i was so excited about the event that i didn't had time to take photos or eat any of their refreshments.. hahahha.. (& was also a bit embarrass because of the broken glass incident ! :(  ) So I'm replacing the refreshments with early dinner.. hahaha

Got it from Chenelle's blog..

I totally forgotten what is this called. but i know it's some sort of udon noodles. >< (obviously, right ! ) hahahha...

Chenelle ordered this Cappuccino.
 this is my first time see-ing a Cappuccino art.. So nice..  :D

The long awaited, I know you fast forward the post to see this first ! >< hahha.. So, the pricing of the camera & where to get it ??   The pricing for TR15 is RM2599 & TR10 is Rm2099.  & it will start selling on the 6th of July, this Saturday at FotoKem, MidValley Megamall.  So reschedule all of your appointments and plans, and head over to Midvalley to get your own personal Casio Latest TR Beauty. :)  (*a little bird told me that there are only selling 100 units. ) So don't miss your chance to grab the latest user-friendly camwhor-ing expert camera ! *Wink   Haha..  

Hopefully this news will brightening up your week..   i know it brighten up mine. :D Until next time ~ xoxo

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