Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Something old.

Hello, peeps. Nothing much to update with my boring life. haha.. I guess everyone is kind of busy with their life as well.. Updating my blog with a new outfit today, not really new, cause i actually wore both before. Just never got around to take nice photos.. ;D  So here it is.. Btw, if you like my blog and outfit, don't be shy and help me share it ! (*much appreciated ! <3 ) If you want get the latest update, follow me on instagram @ originalkerchi ! if you have any questions, don't be shy feel free to ask away ~ :D

The minute i saw this top, i felled in love with it. you know why, cause it's black ~ (hahhaa..)  Seriously always attracted to black colour. i have no idea why.. I'm like a fly who is attracted to the florescent light that kills them !  Anyways, hope it's not so noticeable that my hair is very out of shape.. i've been meaning to go have a hair cut or do something to it. Will reshape it soon, Look like dried up golden patches of grass ! (wtf!) hais.. wanted to go facial also, but lazyy.. But i promise myself this month is my month, so i have to pamper myself  !  been so freaking long since i did any treatment or facial .. damn..

TOP & BOTTOM : Time square
Feather earring : USJ19 mall
Wedge : Vincci 

Feel free to leave a comment below if you like this outfit. (*even though very simple.)
Thanks for viewing ~  love you guys lots.. xoxo ~

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