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Hello hello hello.. :D  feeling happy even though it's a lazy Monday.. The weather in Malaysia has been so great lately.. cool and windy.. finally, after the haze period. but i heard it might come back soon.. I really hope not, my skin is getting really dry same goes with my contact lens ! Anyways, spend my Sunday night doing grocery shopping with my family.. Love grocery shopping with family, cause you can buy those expensive grocery that you usually don't buy ! hehe..  Some more we went to Ben's independent grocer (my first time !)
It's really an interesting place to shop for your groceries ! Besides shopping, there have severe places for you to dine in.. The whole concept of this grocer is really special.. really love the deco and concept !

To tell you the truth we didn't really needed to go grocery shopping, my dad just wanted to drop by publika to see this Grocer.. haha. I guess it's  win win situation for everyone. (dad gets to see place, daughters get to buy expensive groceries !)  hahaha..

We wanted to buy those items that you don't normally get in your normal supermarket. Example, quintoa (for those of you wondering what is it, its a type of wheat which you can replace it with your rice.. but it's really high in protein.. will explain further next time ) so far we only found it in the organic store.. We search high and low for it, found it at the organic section ! Price also no difference !  SIENz !  other than that we bought some tip bits for the house..  :D

After shopping for awhile and passed by the Non-Halal (Pork) section.. we saw that there was actually a cafe at that section ! O.O OMFG ! i was so surprised ! hahaha.. i don't know why, so suaku ! guessing it's because you hardly can find a cafe that dedicates itself to serving pork on every single dish.. literally ! Even on their dessert ! didn't try it, but will next time.. wonder how they made pork into a dessert?! 

My dad was as suaku as i was, quickly made booking for the 3 of us to eat there.. the cafe was super packed ! so we went to paid for our groceries first then only came back.. we still had to wait for another 10-15 mins for our table. But surprisingly the food came really quickly.. So it wasn't so bad.

Service was quite good. interior design of the place was lovely. so overall will recommend to others to come to this place.. BUT THE ULTIMATE QUESTION ?.. how was the food?
I guess i would say okay la.. haha.. I don't want to over sale this cafe. XD It's not really good, but it not bad.


..... WAIT FOR IT...

Please ignore my naked face & my super heavy eye bags. haven't been having a good night sleep. these few pictures was one of the nicer ones..T.T I think my eye bag is the same size with my eyes.. SHIT ! 

See my father's OVER-JOYED face..

He's super happy that we found such a unique place to eat ! hahha.. priceless expression ! (i know you can't help to notice how straight my dad teeth is, right ?! hmmm..  hahhhaha) yes, i'm envious too.. too bad i have to wear braces to have straight teeth ! T.T

The non-Halal section is connected to the restaurant.. There have quite a wide range of bacon and ham for you to choose from.. :DD

How can you resist , not OOTD-ing ! hahah
Love the background !

After having such a heavy dinner.. we had a finishing touch, MOOCOW ! <3 
Didn't manage to take a picture. so here's a tissue with their print. XD
F.Y.I : If those of you who didn't or lazy to ready through my long post.. The Cafe is located inside Ben's Independent Grocer, at Publika. 

doodles.. :)

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