Tuesday, 27 August 2013

I need a holiday !

It's been forever since i updated my blog.. been having a really tough week.
So been snoozing all the time, feel so lethargic !  T.T
It's a new week, trying to pick myself back up..
That's why, me and my sister are going to Bangkok on the first week of September !
Huuuuuurayyyyy ~ hahaha..
Why bangkok, you ask?..  SHOPPING (* of cause ! ) will shop until we vomit rainbow !
hahah.. :DD

So we started making preparation for our trip.. don't want any last min screw up !
First thing on the to-do-list , is to renew our passport.. the travelling requirement is that you need at lease 6 months validity. we only left 5 months.. 
Thinking about going to the government office, i already feel like sleeping ~ LOL!
But not choice la, have to get it done asap.. We arrive the pudu outlet around 9 something in the morning..
OMG, when we arrived it was super packed .. people even had to queue up to take number ! ZzZ.. 
Before arriving we prepared everything we need to renew our passport which is :  I/C card & 2 passport size picture.. this is mine !
This picture looks quite bad.. But among all the picture previously i taken , this is considered VERY OKAY! 
hahahaha.. but eye bags ! T.T 
We waited until 4.30-5pm to collect our passport...  (*we went to jalan jalan around k.l area while waiting for our passport to be done.. so can pass the time.)

Other than that, is the booking of hotel. We already choose one which is quite near to Pratunam Mall.. 
You can actually go on to or to check for good hotels and low rates !!
The 2 most important things are done. Now remaining our itinerary !  Yayyyyyy!!
I'm set ready to go ! HOLIDAY & SHOPPING, life does not get any better than this ! hahaha.  
Will definitely blog about my trip to bangkok ! and btw, we are going there for 6 days !!  hahaha..
So probably gonna try sell away all my pre love clothes.. Hopefully i have time to do a post of it before i leave so you guys can decide if you want buy! ;D  Want get rid of all the old clothes, to welcome in the NEW BABIES ~ XD... (*ps:  if you're like any of my previous ootd, stay tune !)

xoxo ! 

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Beautifying your eyes with GlassesOnline

*knock knock knock* 
I'm back.. hahaha. Hope everyone is doing awesome. :) Even if you are not so awesome. Hope after reading this post, you will feel more awesome. cause I've got a surprise for you at the end of the post ! *wink

Want to blog about my eyes today.. :) Most people who know me, knows that I frequently wear color lens. I've been wearing it since I was 15 y/o. (* i can't live without them ! hahaha..)
There's a saying that " your eyes are the gateway to your soul " or " your eyes are the nipples on your face ! "  hamsap ! haha.  XD 
Which i think its really true, cause your eyes are usually the first thing that people notice. 
In my case, I have big eyes but small pupils.. T.T ! So in a way it's kinda unbalance. When I first heard that they were coming out with lens that can make your eyes look bigger.. I was quite excited to try it.. 

Me, a few years back.. :DD

Amanda , Mae Li & me..
This was taken when I was Form 5 (17 y/o).. My school didn't allow color lens, so I only wore the black color lens.. 
Can't really notice the lens right? natural is how i like it ! hahaha.. :DD

I guess for me, contact lens are another type of cosmetic. 
You have BB cream, Foundation, eye liner, mascara, etccc... then you have color lens.. 
Which I personally feel that it's the most important , cause it actually brightens up your whole look ! 
It gives a more complete feel~ to your makeup.. :D don't you think so??  

But I always have trouble getting lenses.. Is either they don't have the power or don't have the color.
Sometimes really mafan (*troublesome) to drive all the way out to your optical shop, on top of that usually are quite expensive ! (*students, how to afford ?! )
Then I found  Glasses Online ! Which caters to my needs and wants when it comes to eyewear ! 
They sell all sorts of eye wear from Contact lenses ,  Sunglasses to Glasses for both men & women ! & on top of that all items are sold at a LOWER PRICE!  O.O Omg right ! 
The best thing is that they offer FREE SHIPPING ! !  YAYYYYYYYY !

My shopping experience at Glasses Online..
I ordered my lenses during the raya season ! So I was kinda surprise & extremely happy with their shipping services, cause I got my parcel so fast, I was expecting to receive it slightly later due to the Raya holidays ! 

I ordered the Phantasee Diva Blue.. cause I usually wear black color lens. 
So I thought of trying something different this time. :D My lens came together with a free contact lens case ! hahaha..  **happy !

It looks quite natural right, even for blue.. :) I really love the colour and it's super comfortable !!

Seriously, I'm really happy with their services & their product.. I could cry... Don't have a picture of me crying so here's a meme!  hahahha!

Earlier I mention that I have a surprise for you.. Here it is..
A Gift voucher for all of you ! :DD (YAYYYYYYYYYYYY! )
When purchasing simply just enter GOkerchi20, and immediately you will receive a rebate of RM20!

Happy shopping everyone ! :DD

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Zuò 坐 @ Publika

Yesterday was a failed attempt to renew my passport !  Reason for it, OVERSLEPT ! T.T
& we got lost finding the office in Duta.  Which we then found out it was directly opposite Publika !
Serious epic fail !
My sis & I taught of going yesterday, thinking that it would have less people because still raya holidays, right?
Mana tau !? who would have knew ?!  (everyone was thinking the same thing !)
There were super alot of people... que-ing up just to get number.. T.T

So we decided to ditch the place and try out the outlet at Pudu.. Before going there, since we were so near Publika.. we when in to grab some food.
This place was highly recommended by my sister.. she actually did a food review previously on her blog. (*click on the food review to check it out !)   ;D

The restaurant has a really lovely environment.. it's really nice and cosy ! :)
They even served us a bowl of soup to warm up our stomach before our main course arrive. :D
I was super hungry so I just decided to order the first thing that caught my eye.. which was the Tomyum chicken cake.
Well, kinda regret ordering this.. The food was really good, it was just me, I was having period cramps !
After eating this my stomach was on fire and I had period cramps at the same time.. T.T 
Sorry, but will totally order it the next time when I don't have period cramps.. (cause i love spicy food :)  )

My sister ordered a beef dish with rice. (I forgotten what kind of beef it was.. It was so yummy, *damn! Should have ordered that ! )

We didn't had a great start that day.. I guess we were both rushing, and i had a bad tempered that morning due to my period cramps..  my sister was also quite cranky with me and probably also because we couldn't get our passport done..

Yes, i think she was burning from the inside.. So sorry keryi.. should have blast my period cramps cannon some where else ! T.T

Any who.. XD
We really enjoy the food there and would definitely would came back to eat again !
Want to try all their foooood !  hahaha..

 Here are some random selca shots in the restaurant. :)

 and not forgetting my ootd.

oversized dress from h&m // skull necklaces from mysale // golden watch from casio // floral head band made it myself (see my previous post ) // shoes from zara 

PS: we went to the Pudu outlet after lunch.. but they ran out of numbers !  Probably will be renewing it after the school holidays. Hopefully there will be less people. *fingers cross 

Here is the details of the restaurant if you can't find it.

Zuò 坐
Eat Food Village
Lot FC3, Level UG,
Publika Shopping Gallery,
Solaris Dutamas, 1 Jalan Dutamas 1,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel no: 03 - 6143 2281

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Every diamond used to be an ugly rock

Been snoozing all though raya holidays.. finally started blogging after a week. 
Holiday season is here, you know what that means.. FOOD ! haha :D
Have been having cheat meals all week.. omg, feeling fat just thinking about it.
but it's okay, what's important it not to regret! no point crying over split milk ! XD

Just wanted to share and blog about some random stuff.. (maybe your feeling the same? ..)

Even when I was young, I was never the pretty girl.  
Always been the rough and tough one, I guess partly was because I was more closer with my brother when I was young ! (*all my brother's fault ! XD ) haha.
We actually look crazily alike when we were young ! *thankgod not anymore ! hahaha
As time pass, I tried my best to look less like a she-male ! and more like a female
But it's really not easy... 
People would tease and say hurtfully things, even the people closes to you. 
So the question is, how bad do you want it?

For instance, When I first started wearing coloured lens, people would say things like :  
why do you care so much bout your looks? why want to spoil your eyes? natural look is the best ma.. etc etc.. 
When I don't wear my lens, people would say shit like : 
why your eyes look so tired? you look so different with and without your lens! you look so sleepy.. the worst comment i received :  you look so ugly without your lens !  WTF !
Yes, I know i look different with contact lens.. I don't need you to remind me of how I look. I have a mirror at home.. 
But as time pass, people still continued with their grandmother story.. but i got over it and gradually started hearing less of these comments. & even if I did, it didn't bothered me.

Similarly when I started working out and trying to slim down ! alot of people who are inexperience kept telling me : you should do this instead of that. I don't think your diet is proper. You shouldn't eat food like this... 
Ignoring all the BS ! I started doing my own research and with the help of my bf.
I tried my best to eat healthy.. and exercise as much as possible!
Even though I haven't reached my goal yet, I'm quite satisfied with my result so far..

What I'm trying to say is that, sometimes people might say and tease you with hurtful comments. 
Feeling sad and sorry for yourself leads you to no where. and the worst thing is that they might be right !
So try to think of these comments as a way to improve yourself even more ! So one day you might be able to rub shit on all those people's faces ! !
it might be dark and gloomy everyday, but the sun will eventually shine one day.

I have started to see bits of my sun shinining ! hahaha..

 I recently found out that I'm able to wear a size 4 skirt  & a size 2 dress at h&m.
(* but i cannot afford to gain anymore weight la ! hahhaha !)
I'm really happy with the change I made with my life !

I guess everyone has their own needs and wants in their life..
and ultimately we are all actually seeking for that something that can truly satisfied your hunger for perfection!
Don't ever forget that everyone is beautiful and handsome in your own way, 
you just need to break out from your cocoon and turn into a magnificent butterfly! 

As what Rihanna would say (or sing)..
" ♫♪ Shine Bright like a Diamond ♫♪ "

With much love,
KerChi ♥

Saturday, 3 August 2013

DIY : Flower Crown !

My very first DIY project ! Flower crown. :D It's been so in fashion lately, everyone is getting their groove on with their floral hair bands, crowns... why buy when you can just get make ! *wink .. haha
Just a simple plain color dress, with a flower crown *BAM* and your ready to go out ! XD
I'm gonna show you  a step-by-step on how to do it ! It super easy & simple.. : )

I was inspired by Lana Del Ray & Lee Hi with their lovely Flower crowns in their videos..
Honestly speaking, I'm sure everyone usually gets their inspiration from others when doing something. (You know I'm right ! I never say that you copy others, just inspired !  :D haha)
Aren't both of them super gorgeous, and their really beautiful singers ! I guess Lee Hi made the right choice signing with YG. haha.. :DD

So gorgeous, right ? Awwhhhh ! haha

I was actually expecting for the worst, because its my first time. ( i usually don't get it right on the first time.)
But surprisingly it turn out quite good !  Quite impress with my DIY Skills. ><
*self praise*

Without further a due,
Here is the things you will need for your Flower Crown.

1. Fake Flower ( of your choice. ) I would recommend you to go google search and see some examples so you can get a rough idea on what kind of flowers to buy. :)

2. Flower wire (you can get it at any flower shop. I got one pack for about Rm1.80.. It's more than enough, I only used 4 sticks.)
3. Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks ( Try to get more glue sticks, I only bought 2 sticks, it wasn't enough !)

4. Twist wire (Optional) (you can replace this if you have green masking tape, basically you just want to prevent the edges of the Flower wire to poke your head. You can even use a green ribbon to go round.. It's really up to you. :) )
5. Selefon tape ( Yes, you can replace it with green masking tape, I didn't have any green masking tape so Selefon Tape will have to do. )

Moving on to the steps on how to make your DIY Flower CROWN ! ( are you excited ? ! If you're not, nvm ! I'll be excited for you !! YAYYYYYYY ) ^^

Step 1 : Pull out the flowers from the stem. (easy !)

Step 2 : Just shape the Flower wire according with your head size.
(slightly lose would be better, cause you want it to fall naturally on your head, and not squeezing the life out of your head ! )

Step 3:  Simply just bind the edges of the Flower wire with Selefon Tape ( or Green Masking tape..)

Step 4 : Using the Twist wire just go around the Flower wire.. :D

 This is how it looks like when it's done. Simple right.. The fun part is coming soon ! hehe. :D

Step 5 : Arrange your flowers accordingly so you can get a rough estimation.
(I skipped this step, but it still turn of AWESOME. but i recommend to do it, to be on the safe side ! )

Step 6 : Just shoot  press out the glue from the gun onto the wire, and just nicely stick the flowers on accordingly. :) ( Don't be shy, Go wild with your decorations !)

Still In progress...

Had too many flowers so added another layer. :D TAAAADAAAAA ! My End result. Nice??

Hope you guys enjoy this tutorial for my DIY Flower Crown.
Just leave me a comment, if you like DIYs or if you want to request for other DIYs. Would love to hear your thoughts! :D
(Btw, want say thanks to my lovely babe, Rachel, who actually got me the flowers as my second birthday gift ! :D )

It's getting late, turning into a pig. *oink
good nights. <3
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