Thursday, 15 August 2013

Beautifying your eyes with GlassesOnline

*knock knock knock* 
I'm back.. hahaha. Hope everyone is doing awesome. :) Even if you are not so awesome. Hope after reading this post, you will feel more awesome. cause I've got a surprise for you at the end of the post ! *wink

Want to blog about my eyes today.. :) Most people who know me, knows that I frequently wear color lens. I've been wearing it since I was 15 y/o. (* i can't live without them ! hahaha..)
There's a saying that " your eyes are the gateway to your soul " or " your eyes are the nipples on your face ! "  hamsap ! haha.  XD 
Which i think its really true, cause your eyes are usually the first thing that people notice. 
In my case, I have big eyes but small pupils.. T.T ! So in a way it's kinda unbalance. When I first heard that they were coming out with lens that can make your eyes look bigger.. I was quite excited to try it.. 

Me, a few years back.. :DD

Amanda , Mae Li & me..
This was taken when I was Form 5 (17 y/o).. My school didn't allow color lens, so I only wore the black color lens.. 
Can't really notice the lens right? natural is how i like it ! hahaha.. :DD

I guess for me, contact lens are another type of cosmetic. 
You have BB cream, Foundation, eye liner, mascara, etccc... then you have color lens.. 
Which I personally feel that it's the most important , cause it actually brightens up your whole look ! 
It gives a more complete feel~ to your makeup.. :D don't you think so??  

But I always have trouble getting lenses.. Is either they don't have the power or don't have the color.
Sometimes really mafan (*troublesome) to drive all the way out to your optical shop, on top of that usually are quite expensive ! (*students, how to afford ?! )
Then I found  Glasses Online ! Which caters to my needs and wants when it comes to eyewear ! 
They sell all sorts of eye wear from Contact lenses ,  Sunglasses to Glasses for both men & women ! & on top of that all items are sold at a LOWER PRICE!  O.O Omg right ! 
The best thing is that they offer FREE SHIPPING ! !  YAYYYYYYYY !

My shopping experience at Glasses Online..
I ordered my lenses during the raya season ! So I was kinda surprise & extremely happy with their shipping services, cause I got my parcel so fast, I was expecting to receive it slightly later due to the Raya holidays ! 

I ordered the Phantasee Diva Blue.. cause I usually wear black color lens. 
So I thought of trying something different this time. :D My lens came together with a free contact lens case ! hahaha..  **happy !

It looks quite natural right, even for blue.. :) I really love the colour and it's super comfortable !!

Seriously, I'm really happy with their services & their product.. I could cry... Don't have a picture of me crying so here's a meme!  hahahha!

Earlier I mention that I have a surprise for you.. Here it is..
A Gift voucher for all of you ! :DD (YAYYYYYYYYYYYY! )
When purchasing simply just enter GOkerchi20, and immediately you will receive a rebate of RM20!

Happy shopping everyone ! :DD

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