Saturday, 3 August 2013

DIY : Flower Crown !

My very first DIY project ! Flower crown. :D It's been so in fashion lately, everyone is getting their groove on with their floral hair bands, crowns... why buy when you can just get make ! *wink .. haha
Just a simple plain color dress, with a flower crown *BAM* and your ready to go out ! XD
I'm gonna show you  a step-by-step on how to do it ! It super easy & simple.. : )

I was inspired by Lana Del Ray & Lee Hi with their lovely Flower crowns in their videos..
Honestly speaking, I'm sure everyone usually gets their inspiration from others when doing something. (You know I'm right ! I never say that you copy others, just inspired !  :D haha)
Aren't both of them super gorgeous, and their really beautiful singers ! I guess Lee Hi made the right choice signing with YG. haha.. :DD

So gorgeous, right ? Awwhhhh ! haha

I was actually expecting for the worst, because its my first time. ( i usually don't get it right on the first time.)
But surprisingly it turn out quite good !  Quite impress with my DIY Skills. ><
*self praise*

Without further a due,
Here is the things you will need for your Flower Crown.

1. Fake Flower ( of your choice. ) I would recommend you to go google search and see some examples so you can get a rough idea on what kind of flowers to buy. :)

2. Flower wire (you can get it at any flower shop. I got one pack for about Rm1.80.. It's more than enough, I only used 4 sticks.)
3. Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks ( Try to get more glue sticks, I only bought 2 sticks, it wasn't enough !)

4. Twist wire (Optional) (you can replace this if you have green masking tape, basically you just want to prevent the edges of the Flower wire to poke your head. You can even use a green ribbon to go round.. It's really up to you. :) )
5. Selefon tape ( Yes, you can replace it with green masking tape, I didn't have any green masking tape so Selefon Tape will have to do. )

Moving on to the steps on how to make your DIY Flower CROWN ! ( are you excited ? ! If you're not, nvm ! I'll be excited for you !! YAYYYYYYY ) ^^

Step 1 : Pull out the flowers from the stem. (easy !)

Step 2 : Just shape the Flower wire according with your head size.
(slightly lose would be better, cause you want it to fall naturally on your head, and not squeezing the life out of your head ! )

Step 3:  Simply just bind the edges of the Flower wire with Selefon Tape ( or Green Masking tape..)

Step 4 : Using the Twist wire just go around the Flower wire.. :D

 This is how it looks like when it's done. Simple right.. The fun part is coming soon ! hehe. :D

Step 5 : Arrange your flowers accordingly so you can get a rough estimation.
(I skipped this step, but it still turn of AWESOME. but i recommend to do it, to be on the safe side ! )

Step 6 : Just shoot  press out the glue from the gun onto the wire, and just nicely stick the flowers on accordingly. :) ( Don't be shy, Go wild with your decorations !)

Still In progress...

Had too many flowers so added another layer. :D TAAAADAAAAA ! My End result. Nice??

Hope you guys enjoy this tutorial for my DIY Flower Crown.
Just leave me a comment, if you like DIYs or if you want to request for other DIYs. Would love to hear your thoughts! :D
(Btw, want say thanks to my lovely babe, Rachel, who actually got me the flowers as my second birthday gift ! :D )

It's getting late, turning into a pig. *oink
good nights. <3

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