Sunday, 11 August 2013

Every diamond used to be an ugly rock

Been snoozing all though raya holidays.. finally started blogging after a week. 
Holiday season is here, you know what that means.. FOOD ! haha :D
Have been having cheat meals all week.. omg, feeling fat just thinking about it.
but it's okay, what's important it not to regret! no point crying over split milk ! XD

Just wanted to share and blog about some random stuff.. (maybe your feeling the same? ..)

Even when I was young, I was never the pretty girl.  
Always been the rough and tough one, I guess partly was because I was more closer with my brother when I was young ! (*all my brother's fault ! XD ) haha.
We actually look crazily alike when we were young ! *thankgod not anymore ! hahaha
As time pass, I tried my best to look less like a she-male ! and more like a female
But it's really not easy... 
People would tease and say hurtfully things, even the people closes to you. 
So the question is, how bad do you want it?

For instance, When I first started wearing coloured lens, people would say things like :  
why do you care so much bout your looks? why want to spoil your eyes? natural look is the best ma.. etc etc.. 
When I don't wear my lens, people would say shit like : 
why your eyes look so tired? you look so different with and without your lens! you look so sleepy.. the worst comment i received :  you look so ugly without your lens !  WTF !
Yes, I know i look different with contact lens.. I don't need you to remind me of how I look. I have a mirror at home.. 
But as time pass, people still continued with their grandmother story.. but i got over it and gradually started hearing less of these comments. & even if I did, it didn't bothered me.

Similarly when I started working out and trying to slim down ! alot of people who are inexperience kept telling me : you should do this instead of that. I don't think your diet is proper. You shouldn't eat food like this... 
Ignoring all the BS ! I started doing my own research and with the help of my bf.
I tried my best to eat healthy.. and exercise as much as possible!
Even though I haven't reached my goal yet, I'm quite satisfied with my result so far..

What I'm trying to say is that, sometimes people might say and tease you with hurtful comments. 
Feeling sad and sorry for yourself leads you to no where. and the worst thing is that they might be right !
So try to think of these comments as a way to improve yourself even more ! So one day you might be able to rub shit on all those people's faces ! !
it might be dark and gloomy everyday, but the sun will eventually shine one day.

I have started to see bits of my sun shinining ! hahaha..

 I recently found out that I'm able to wear a size 4 skirt  & a size 2 dress at h&m.
(* but i cannot afford to gain anymore weight la ! hahhaha !)
I'm really happy with the change I made with my life !

I guess everyone has their own needs and wants in their life..
and ultimately we are all actually seeking for that something that can truly satisfied your hunger for perfection!
Don't ever forget that everyone is beautiful and handsome in your own way, 
you just need to break out from your cocoon and turn into a magnificent butterfly! 

As what Rihanna would say (or sing)..
" ♫♪ Shine Bright like a Diamond ♫♪ "

With much love,
KerChi ♥

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