Tuesday, 27 August 2013

I need a holiday !

It's been forever since i updated my blog.. been having a really tough week.
So been snoozing all the time, feel so lethargic !  T.T
It's a new week, trying to pick myself back up..
That's why, me and my sister are going to Bangkok on the first week of September !
Huuuuuurayyyyy ~ hahaha..
Why bangkok, you ask?..  SHOPPING (* of cause ! ) will shop until we vomit rainbow !
hahah.. :DD

So we started making preparation for our trip.. don't want any last min screw up !
First thing on the to-do-list , is to renew our passport.. the travelling requirement is that you need at lease 6 months validity. we only left 5 months.. 
Thinking about going to the government office, i already feel like sleeping ~ LOL!
But not choice la, have to get it done asap.. We arrive the pudu outlet around 9 something in the morning..
OMG, when we arrived it was super packed .. people even had to queue up to take number ! ZzZ.. 
Before arriving we prepared everything we need to renew our passport which is :  I/C card & 2 passport size picture.. this is mine !
This picture looks quite bad.. But among all the picture previously i taken , this is considered VERY OKAY! 
hahahaha.. but eye bags ! T.T 
We waited until 4.30-5pm to collect our passport...  (*we went to jalan jalan around k.l area while waiting for our passport to be done.. so can pass the time.)

Other than that, is the booking of hotel. We already choose one which is quite near to Pratunam Mall.. 
You can actually go on to or to check for good hotels and low rates !!
The 2 most important things are done. Now remaining our itinerary !  Yayyyyyy!!
I'm set ready to go ! HOLIDAY & SHOPPING, life does not get any better than this ! hahaha.  
Will definitely blog about my trip to bangkok ! and btw, we are going there for 6 days !!  hahaha..
So probably gonna try sell away all my pre love clothes.. Hopefully i have time to do a post of it before i leave so you guys can decide if you want buy! ;D  Want get rid of all the old clothes, to welcome in the NEW BABIES ~ XD... (*ps:  if you're like any of my previous ootd, stay tune !)

xoxo ! 

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