Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Zuò 坐 @ Publika

Yesterday was a failed attempt to renew my passport !  Reason for it, OVERSLEPT ! T.T
& we got lost finding the office in Duta.  Which we then found out it was directly opposite Publika !
Serious epic fail !
My sis & I taught of going yesterday, thinking that it would have less people because still raya holidays, right?
Mana tau !? who would have knew ?!  (everyone was thinking the same thing !)
There were super alot of people... que-ing up just to get number.. T.T

So we decided to ditch the place and try out the outlet at Pudu.. Before going there, since we were so near Publika.. we when in to grab some food.
This place was highly recommended by my sister.. she actually did a food review previously on her blog. (*click on the food review to check it out !)   ;D

The restaurant has a really lovely environment.. it's really nice and cosy ! :)
They even served us a bowl of soup to warm up our stomach before our main course arrive. :D
I was super hungry so I just decided to order the first thing that caught my eye.. which was the Tomyum chicken cake.
Well, kinda regret ordering this.. The food was really good, it was just me, I was having period cramps !
After eating this my stomach was on fire and I had period cramps at the same time.. T.T 
Sorry, but will totally order it the next time when I don't have period cramps.. (cause i love spicy food :)  )

My sister ordered a beef dish with rice. (I forgotten what kind of beef it was.. It was so yummy, *damn! Should have ordered that ! )

We didn't had a great start that day.. I guess we were both rushing, and i had a bad tempered that morning due to my period cramps..  my sister was also quite cranky with me and probably also because we couldn't get our passport done..

Yes, i think she was burning from the inside.. So sorry keryi.. should have blast my period cramps cannon some where else ! T.T

Any who.. XD
We really enjoy the food there and would definitely would came back to eat again !
Want to try all their foooood !  hahaha..

 Here are some random selca shots in the restaurant. :)

 and not forgetting my ootd.

oversized dress from h&m // skull necklaces from mysale // golden watch from casio // floral head band made it myself (see my previous post ) // shoes from zara 

PS: we went to the Pudu outlet after lunch.. but they ran out of numbers !  Probably will be renewing it after the school holidays. Hopefully there will be less people. *fingers cross 

Here is the details of the restaurant if you can't find it.

Zuò 坐
Eat Food Village
Lot FC3, Level UG,
Publika Shopping Gallery,
Solaris Dutamas, 1 Jalan Dutamas 1,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel no: 03 - 6143 2281

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