Thursday, 12 September 2013


I'm back , Malaysia ! haha.
Been away for almost a week, make me miss home so much.
This is my first trip to Bangkok, Thailand with my big sister. Only two girls in the family, don't want to torture the men in our family to follow along. Cause Bangkok is known for their shopping.. haha
So this post is purely about my trip to Bangkok. FOOD & SHOPPING !  omg, what's there not to love about travelling.. haha..

My sis & I are serious shopaholic, or probably it's only me. haha.  So when we heard that Bangkok is shopping paradise for women, (sorry, men. Clothes there for guys are so limited!) we quickly went to AirAsia to check for cheap flight ! & we manage to get 2 way tickets for both of us for only RM600++ (SUPER CHEAP, right?!)
Then we made booking for our hotel at so we didn't need to pay in advance. :) The website is really user friendly.. If you want see how our hotel looks like go check out my sister's Blog :  !

Since this trip was fully funded by ourselves.. so we were really on a budget ! My dad only paid for our Flight tickets.. Shopping , Food , & hotel was on us. haha.. So your probably thinking what's the budget like?
We both bough Rm2,000 per person (for shopping, food and hotel !)  for 2 person is Rm4000.
After our trip we still remain Rm100.. We ate and shop like crazy, only Rm2000 per person !
At first when we arrived, i was thinking that most probably we wouldn't have enough money to shop ! haha.. I was so wrong.. XD

I never walk so much in my life !
(Seriously feels like i walked to Johor and back !)

I'm gonna start with our Shopping first alright ? I hope it's not too over-whelming. (but i guess most of you already been to Bangkok before, it's my first time, forgive me if i over ! haha )
Will upload a separate post about the food in Bangkok ! so stay tune~ ! :DD

#01 Morning Market (Outside Baiyoke Sky Hotel)

The clothes in this market is the cheapest !  Paradise ! O.O haha..
But this place opens at 5am-10am only. So have to wake up early if you don't want miss this market.
That's what me and my sis did. Woke up almost everyday at 6am to go for this market ! haha.
Have to work hard to get good things right?!

#02 Pratunam Market ( nearby the ↑ Morning Market & Opposite Platinum Fashion Mall)

Clothes here are quite similar with the Morning Market.. So if you are late sleeper, then you can come to this market. It opens similar timing with the Morning Market but closes around 3-4pm.. So you still have time to come shop if you oversleep. :)
But in this few market, they usually sell Wholesale, so it's better if you go shopping with other of your girlfriends or sisters.. haha. Cause you will probably have to buy 2-3 pcs of same design clothes..
But it's still really really cheap ! ranging from 70 bath - 300 bath, usually not more than that.
** A note to all shoppers, Please BARGAIN ! This is your chance to train your bargaining skills ! 

#03 Chatuchak Weekend Market 

Sorry ya, i didn't manage to take much pictures of this market.. Cause there weren't alot of things that i wanted to see. haha. (& partly the weather was so freaking sunny & hot ! )
I recommend if & only if you have extra time, then only you go for this market. If you purely want to shop for clothes, the above ↑ markets are more than enough !  But Chatuchak Market only open on the weekend.
But if you do go to this Market, must try their Coconut Ice Cream ! Super delicious !  YUMMMMM!

F.O.C Coconut Juice ! :D  haha..

#04 D.I.Y Market ( Right outside Palladium Mall )

(It's not call D.I.Y market, just so you know. I just call it that cause it has alot of D.I.Y stuff! haha.. )

See our own D.I.Y Slippers ! haha..l Loving my lime green slippers !! :DD
You actually can choose your own colours and then mix and match.. Cool right !

 You can choose a printing and ask to them print it on your phone cover.. or..

 Print the design on bags.. My sis was so tempted to buy it. But she didn't in the end.. haha

Daddy's initials !  

We also customize passport holders for Lau Family ! :)  So damn yeng man. Really love it.
Can't find this in Malaysia so we quickly buy, it's only 100 bath (so it's about Rm10, So cheap !! )

#05 Other Shopping Places 


We didn't really found much shoes , bags and accessories at the market. So we read some reviews that MBK sold alot of shoes.. But... they sell alot of shoes, but not suitable for us ! T.T
All for those aunty ! haha.. XD

& Of cause some random selca shots in one of the Mall's toilet !
(Every single toilet in Bangkok that i went in is super clean ! even the really run down buildings ! Really impressed ! can do your business in peace !)

Sissy & I
(Sunglasses & Both tops are from bangkok !) 

 Trying my best to have that Korean Feel.. haha ( But epic fail ! )
(Btw, Shoes is from bangkok ! haha, Only Rm15 )

SIAM Center 

High class area. Quite similar to Pavilion.. Beside this shopping mall is Siam Paragon..
*( recommended to walk around this area at night, Opposite of Siam Paragon. They have a night market which sells accessories, clothes & shoes.. )

Your probably thinking why i didn't upload any pictures of Platinum Fashion Mall..  haha.
Cause i didn't really buy much inside Platinum. The clothes inside Platinum is not really cheap .. Pricing usually range from 250 bath - 1200 bath. more expensive lu, but of cause some quality are better than the market. So it really depends on what you are looking for..

I have always seen people on instagram taking their shopping haul and laying their clothes on their bed .. haha.. But I'm just gonna show you our luggage ..
Yes, both bags are full. In total it's 43kg.. The amount of clothes we bought i think probably enough to last us 1 year !!  haha..

That's all for my shopping post.. Will update my blog soon with all my yummy & delicious Thailand food !
So Stay tune ! :)


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