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(*YUMMYYY !  haha)

I'm sure most of you already seen my previous shopping post. So it's time for the FOOD POST!
Food in Bangkok, is usually spicy , sweet , sour..
My sis & I quite like to eat spicy food. So we were really excited to try their local food.
You know lah, in Malaysia.. Thai Food is freaking expensive ! I think it's because it's a foreign food, then it should be more expensive ! Don't know what kind of mind set ~  haha..

Anyways, My sister did most of the surveying of the places to have good Thai Food..
I wasn't really focus on their food, more on their shopping ! haha.. But thank god she did some survey, or not we end up eating lousy food ~  (*thank you keryi~  :D)

We landed in Don Mueang Aiport at 10.30am (local time). But the taxi driver took 1 hour+ to find our hotel.. Once we settled down in the hotel & started to feel hungry, we quickly rush out to explore ! :DD
The first day we ate alot of street food.. Erm, it's quite nice, but one only can eat so much street food la. Staying for 6 days, we also crave for more proper meal. haha.

#01 Street Food

 OMFG!  Look at the amount of the roasted pork.. O.O 

 I LOVE ROASTED PORK ! Paradise ! haha..
(But cannot eat so much.. fat ! )

My hungry face ! XD 
(I just notice, that i have the same hungry face ! LOL!)

 I think they stuff fish paste inside the crab head !

 Looks kinda wrong. =.=
(If you know what i mean ~ haha)

This tapioca ball is a must try. It's bbq-ed. So it's not so fattening & it's really yummy..
(I know it doesn't look so appetizing, but it's really yummy !)  

 Are you up for spare part noodles?  
(haha.. I can eat everything !  :D )

 This picture is dedicated to my friend , Rachel. 
(She has never tried durian in 20 years of her life ! How to be called Malaysian ? haha )

Ermmm, If you don't really like sweet food. I don't recommend this. 
( I didn't really like it.. sorry to say ! the sweetness was to artifucial)


This is the best bowl of street food I've eaten through out my trip ! THE BEST !
(Super yummy ! It's acutally located inside the pratunam market.. one of the small lorongs, outside B gallery shopping mall. If you can find this lady, is a must try !)

Pineapple is the only fruits that can relax our tummy from all the harsh street food ! haha
(Ate so much pineapples in bangkok. )

#02 Chicken Rice 

My sister saw some bloggers doing reviews of this place.. We were actually searching for this place since day one. But we only found it on the 3rd day.
We had to queue up to get a table ! the amount of people.. Most of them are foreigners, Malaysian (*like us!) , Singaporean, Hongkis... haha.
Just so you know, this place is opposite Palladium Mall, you just need to cross the road..

Thank goodness got picture & english translation ! 

 Some kind of soup.. 
(*Didn't really enjoy it, kind weird texture.. haha)

 Spring roll 
(Not too bad.. the thing beside it, is tofu, if you're wondering)

(It's quite similar with Malaysian's style, but their sauce is very nice! )

(So freaking stoner ! )

#03 Roasted Fish & Chicken !

I know by looking at the pictures its not really clean.. but can't expect much from street food la. This was consider one of our more decent meals.. or we will probably be constantly eating junk food.
This place is actually nearby Platinum Fashion Mall ! Just at the side of the shopping mall.. Otw to Siam Paragon, you will see a row of stalls set up.. It only opens at night.. Super a lot of ppl !

Result of make-up shopping !

#04 BAN KHUN MAE (Local Cuisine Restaruant )

Mango with glutinous rice & coconut milk.
(We had our dessert as our appetizer.. :D  YUMMM ~)

Tom Yum Kung
(Pls don't drool all over your keyboard ! haha..)

Som Tam 
(It's actually one of their famous dish in Thailand. It's a sweet & sour salad with a pinch of spicy)

Come to Thailand, how can don't order fish !  2 thumbs up for this. Must order dish !

Lunch is served ! :)

This is just something random.. We were walking towards the restaurant, and there were people advertising their latest movie with some real life ghost. Freaking creepy.. look at these two with the old man ! OMG!..
Quite real right ?!  Thank god they didn't do it at night ! ! O.O


This place is located opposite Siam Paragon.. You will need to walk in a small lorong (street) to find this lovely cosy restaurant ! This is a must try place !  It's highly recommended by many bloggers ! 

Long queue to go in restaurant !

 Food, beverage & dessert menu.

 Pork bone soup..
(this dish was okay okay la.. haha)

 Fried spicy fish !
(Heaven ! Must Try !)

(They have different type of Somtam (Green Papaya salad). Best Somtam I've tried in Bangkok! Highly recommended ! ******)

Salted Egg Somtam ! 
(Yummmmmmmmyyyyy !!)

Fried Chicken !
(Very nice ! I see almost every table ordered !)

Fried Rice Noodles 

Nice warm Lemon Juice with Cinnamon stick! :) 

Sure need selca shot in restaurant lah ! 
(my tired face after the hot and sunny walk looking for this place !)

#06 Swensens 
(haha. your probably thinking why i do review of this place. Cause Malaysia also got ma! But the swensens in Bangkok is cheaper compare to Malaysia's outlet. So just went in to one of their Big C Supermarket to try it out. :) )

We ordered the chocolate banana !
(They served it with slices of chocolate brownie ! Sinful ! haha... This is only rm12.90)

My sister's hao po face ! ( on the left  XD )

After having such a fattening treat, have to get back to the streets to walk it off !
(But first, a selfshot of both of us. :D )

#07 Asiatique
(This place is consider sightseeing . Really romantic and nice environment.. Should consider to put this on your "place-to-go" if  your coming to bangkok. )

You need to sit a ferry to go across once you come down from the MRT.
(Don't worry, it's free & fast !)

The ferry ride is about 20 mins !
(So got time to selca... hahaha )

 Nice walking area ! 

 Beautiful restaurants !

Street Art ! 
(Girls face so serious ! haha. )

Yummy coconut snack ! :D

My OOTD for the night! 
(Cropped top & shoes from Bangkok // Pants from Time square // Hat from h&m )

Her sad face ! 

 My face concentrating on eating my yummy coconut ice cream !
(haha.. yong sui ~)

That's all for this food post ! 
Hopefully you can get a rough idea of where to visit in Bangkok..

xoxo ! <3

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