Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Loving my Skin with ♥ Cosmoderm ♥ & GIVEAWAY!

Good Morning, everyone ! Time seems to be moving so fast.. It's already September !
Btw, in case you didn't know. I'm flying off to BANGKOK tmr ! YAYYYYYY!!
haha. I'm such a happy kid now. Can go there & shop like mad women ! ;DD

Anyways, let's get back to the what's important !
Want to share my current skin care that I'm using now...
I'm sure every girl (*some guys!) definitely have their own skin care product that they are using.
But how do we know whether that particular skin care product is suitable for our skin?
I guess most people struggle with this question when it comes to choosing their skin care product.
Especially for people with sensitive skin. It doesn't mean that the product is expensive it works for you..
It really all depends on what kind of skin you have.

My Skin is Combination>> Oily. So i would often choose product for oily skin.
So COSMODERM have selected a few skin care product for me to use.

& did you know that all of these product is made in MALAYSIA !  O.O
( Don't judge the product from where it comes from but the content of the product ! )
I'm really not kidding the product really helped me through my break out moments that everyone will have once in awhile !
The range that COSMODERM have selected for me was Tea Tree Oil Range with their Sunblock.

& COSMODERM wants to spread the love to my readers as well..
So they gave me so many samples to give away..
So these are the products that I'm gonna GIVEAWAY to 2 lucky readers..
Read to the end of this post and see how you can be that lucky people *wink !

So I'm just gonna roughly explain why you should choose COSMODERM ♥!
This range is prefect for people with acne prone skin or normal>oily skin (*like mine)..
But if you have dry skin, don't worry there have many different ranges of product for different type of skin type. :)

Just so you know, i took all the pictures with my naked face.. (*no edit, no filter.)

#01  Tea Tree Oil Facial Cleanser with Vitamin E (RM15.90)

The Tea Tree Oil Cleanser is a gentle cream form cleanser that is able to clean your skin deeply and still able to maintain your skin natural moisture.
Every time when i feel that my skin is oily,  i will wash my face with this cleanser. 
& immediately i will feel refresh ! :)

#02 Tea Tree Oil Clarifying Lotion (RM19.90)

The Tea Tree Oil Clarifying Toning Lotion is a oil free toner prefect for oily skin !
It helps soothe & calm sensitive, irritated or inflamed skin.
It also helps to gently exfoliate dead skin cells, & also tighten your pores at the same time ! O.O
Super good right !! 

#03 Tea Tree Oil Day / Night Moisturiser with Vitamin E (RM18.90)

The Tea Tree Oil Day/ Night Moisturiser is the 3rd step ! 
Because of the anti-aging active ingredient inside this moisturiser, it helps to prevent premature aging.
It also promotes biosynthesis of collagen & provides moisturising action to the skin !
It also contain SPF 15, therefore protecting your skin from harmful sun's rays.
& i personally think that , the texture of this moisturiser is really very suitable for oily skin.
Cause once I applied it on my face, it absorbs really fast & there is no oily after feel.
So it's really a *plus product for me ! :DD

#04 Tea Tree Oil Anti Blemish Express (RM18.90)

The Tea Tree Oil Anti-Blemish Express is the prefect product for people who want to have a quick fix from those annoying break out moments !
The Tea Tree Oil ingredients inside this product is a natural antiseptic, antif-fungal, anti bacteria & anti inflammatory properties. 
It helps to unclog pores, control oil & stop recurring pimples..
If you use it continuously and consistently , in 3-4 days you will see lessen of pimples, white & black heads.
So don't be lazy if you want flawless skin ! :D 

#05  Vitamin E Perfect Sunscreen + Flawless Foundation  (RM29.90)

At a young age i neglected my skin, so that's why i have a lot of pigment / freckles ! T.T
But now i try my best to always apply sunblock every time i step out of my house. 
COSMODERM's Prefect Sunscreen is really good and prefect for all skin type !
It helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines, neutralize free radicals, increase skin elasticity, lighten pigmentation, even out skin tone, lightens scar..
& of cause it protects your skin from harmful UV rays.. It contains SPF 35 PA+++
It comes in 5 different color, to suit your skin tone !

& For the month of SEPTEMBER
COSMODERM is having 15% off on all Prefect Sunscreen only when you purchase it at their websiteMyCosmoderm  or their facebook page! 

Getting back to the GIVEAWAYs..  hahaha!
How can i forget.. :D

For those readers who are interested, unfortunately only 2 lucky readers will be winning these few items..
Just to get you excited, these are the items you will be receiving (There will be two separate bags ) :
- Prefect Sunscreen 
- Manjakani Hygiene Wash
- Gentle Cleanser (*Cosmoderm's newly launch range for dry & sensitive skin)
- & a few of the cute little testers ! 

EXCITED ?  haha.

How to win?
Step 1 : Go to Cosmoderm's facebook page, & like their page!
Step 2 : Share My blog post on Cosmoderm's Facebook wall & Describe how much you LOVE Cosmoderm !!

Winners will be announce on the 20th September.
That's all. Simple right?.. 
WHY ARE YOU STILL WAITING ?! Quickly hurry over to their facebook page now !

That's all for now. :) Haha..
next time around will blog about the massive shopping at bangkok! haha *can't wait !!

XOXO ! don't miss me too much.. hehhe ! 

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