Thursday, 26 September 2013

Office Lady look.

Hello Hello !  It's been awhile since i updated my blog with an outfit post.
So here's one quick one. :)
Since i started working , wanted to do an OL outfit.. But couldn't really find the right one.
Until now. haha.. :D

Yes, as you can see this is a super fitted dress. haha.
Cause it's a size 2. (cannot afford to gain weight ! if not no need wear ady !)
Really love this pelpum dress that i got on SALE at h&m !
YES , SALE. It was only RM 59.  ( Soooo cheap , right ? )

wanted to add a little swag to the outfit. don't want it to be super formal.
So i added a gold chain also from h&m. (It's on loan, sister's property !)

People like me, who don't like wearing high heels constantly.
I actually match it with a old red flats, which i think you have seen this flats like a thousand times !
My vain level is only up to my shoes, once my shoes are uncomfortable i will start throwing things around. (Like the hulk ! XD)
In order to calm my mood, need to wear comfortable shoes ! haha..

// Pelpum Dress & Gold Chain Necklaces from h&m // Black heels from China // Red flats from Rubi (Cotton On) //

That's all for this post. :)  

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