Tuesday, 29 October 2013

GuessLuxe Official Launch @ The Gardens

Calling out all Guess Lovers ! Guess had an Official Launch of their latest collect, GuessLuxe Leather Handbag. (* excited excited .. :D )
My sis and I was invited to their Launch at their Guess Outlet in The Gardens. and also want to thank The Butterfly Projects who invited us to this awesome event. :) 
Had such an amazing time.Being able to see and feel the latest GuessLuxe range! (OMG, the bags and purses are to die for !)

REALLY LOVE THIS ONE ! (So mature , I LIKE ! )

They even have this cute little blue one ! 

The GuessLuxe series is a range of exclusive genuine leather handbags which are suitable for urban-chic ! ; D
It's made with high quality leather, and it comes in different size, colour & style. 

Prefect for us , youngsters ! !
Classy, swag, mature.. you name it, Guess have it ! *wink 
GuessLuxe even have leather purses to match with your leather handbag ! :D

Getting greedy !

& of cause there is FOOD !  :DD

So ngam, met this pretty lady, Amelia See.. :D
(She's so tall ! So envy ~ )

& of cause a selca with Lovely Tammy ! :)
(Founder of the Butterfly Projects. She's so cute lahhh ! )

My date for the evening ! le sister...  :D
(Everyone says we look alike ? Do we?  haha. I think it's just the braces la !)

Overall, the event was awesome ! Great food , awesome people and surrounded by so many lovely bags ! 
What more can a girl ask for ?  haha. 
So what do you think of the latest GuessLuxe ?  Love it, can't get enough of it.. :DD

So what are you waiting for ?! 
Go visit your nearest Guess Accessories outlet. Or you can always visit the one in The Gardens, 1st Floor. :)
Btw, If you like my outfit go to my previous post Out with my duckies to see more pictures ! :)

Signing off with ♥♥♥♥ !
Stay tune.. *wink

Monday, 28 October 2013

Out with my duckies

Omg, finally my weekend is over ! Have been working for levis throughout my weekend.
Can't rememeber the last time i work for a 10-10 job. My feet is so freaking sore now, and I started having sore throat !  So my voice now is super sexy (or manly..) haha ! Husky voice.. can be nickelback's lead singer ady! XD
But despite being so tired, I had fun working with the other girls. :DD
But too bad we didn't manage to take any pictures, hopefully to meet up soon ! :)

This post is just going to be a #OOTD post.
I wore this outfit to the Official Launch for GuessLuxe , Guess latest leather handbags..
The theme was suppose to be white , but unfortunately 90% of my wardrobe is black ! I had so limited choices ! T.T
So in the end 90% of my outfit is still BLACK ! I tried my best !  My wardrobe so boring right.. But i really love black, such a classy and yet elegant colour ! hahaha.. 
I'm like a fly and Black clothings are like the light that flies are attracted too ! hahaha.. but seriously !  
Okay~ will definitely, try out new colours the next time i go shopping ! !

Even for this outfit, it took me quite awhile to choose it. #girlsbeinggirls. haha

// Biker jacket and cropped top from H&M // Polka Dot skirt from BKK // Shoes from H&M // Duckie Necklace from BKK //
(This is how much i love shopping at H&M ! hahah ..)

Bringing my duckies out today, FINALLY !

I bought this duckie necklace from BKK. Super love it cause it's super duper eye catching. 
Everyone was like praising how cute was my duckie necklace.. Someone even wanted to take a picture of it !   (too bad she didn't wanted to take a picture of me, but still I was jumping on the inside, but trying to contain my happiness on the outside ! haha .. so i just answered, awhh thanks XD HAHAHHAHAHAH! Sendiri syok.. )

Will be blogging about The Official Launch for GuessLuxe Leather handbag soon ! 
So please stay tune. :D  *wink 

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

My Magnum Mini Moment ♥


Are you starting to drool all over your keyboard/phone ?  haha !
Magnum is introducing their latest member to their family.. MAGNUM MINI !
So that everyone can enjoy this bite size treat any time of the any day ! ;D
Personally i feel it's such a really great idea ! Cause sometimes, i really want to enjoy a Magnum Ice cream, but it's too much for one person to finish ! *little too gelat..
I was really HAPPY when I heard that Magnum was coming out with a mini version , YAYYYYY !

The New Magnum Mini is a marvellous bite size and decadent treat which is made to be easily consume at any time. Helping you to fix any cravings that you have !
A mini treat that won't make you over eat, but enough to satisfy you ! *yum yum 

The crazy amount of food they served ! Super delicious ! 

 Here comes the part I've been waiting for ! ICE CREAMMMMM ~

Magnum Mini is created allowing everyone to be able to treat and reward themselves after a long and hard day ! To fulfill and satisfy your craving. Because it's a mini size treat, it will be a very personal moment with you and your magnum mini ~  hahaha.. *private & intimate moment with your magnum mini ;) 

Magnum Mini which is made with a coating of Belgian Chocolate is available in 3 different types of yummylicious flavours ! !  *slurpssssss   Classic, Almond & Chocolate Brownie !

I chose the Magnum Mini Chocolate Brownie ! 
(I have never tried this flavour before.. OMG! It's so freaking yummmehhhh)

Ice cream, it's been so long ! XD

For those magnum lovers or just want to enjoy a magnum mini, head over to their Magnum Mini House of Pleasure in Publika.. 
It will be open to the public from 2th October - 3rd November 2013 !  So don't waste anymore time, head over to Publika to grab a Magnum Mini !  O.O 
I know you have been working hard and partying hard, so treat yourself to something mini ! ;DDD

Photo session with the ladies :D

 W/ ChenelleWen :DD
(Excuse my tired face , i came after work ! )

W/ SharonBee  :)

 W/ KarenKho :)

Magnum mini also gave us to decorate our very own Magnum Mini Moment molded in 3D ! (If your curious, it's edible ! haha ) Didn't do such a good job with the decorating.. but it's okay, gonna go into the mouth soon right?  XD

For extra information, go check out their FB page :

Don't feel so tired anymore after having my Magnum Mini. :DDD  
haha. Selca mood onz ! 

Thank you Magnum Mini for that satisfying treat ! ;D
Until next time ♥
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