Wednesday, 9 October 2013

BioTHIK™ Clinicare

Woah, It's been awhile since i blog. Sorry for procrastinating.. T.T
Have you miss me?  *hmmmm ?  haha.. Well, I will admit it then,  i really miss blogging.
Just been so busy and caught up with my work, don't really have the time to take nice pictures to blog.
Not easy one okay, just so you know taking nice pictures is quite a tough job.. Especially when you're super hungry and want to eat , but you still need to take nice pictures of the food.. (*i think some friends really want slap my face sometimes. haha..!) 
But I seriously need to manage my time better!
Need to get rid of all my bad habits to welcome in the new, can't believe it's already ending of the year.
Really so many things can happen in a year..
So procrastinators......... try to procrastinate less!  haha !

Gonna blogged about an event launch of BioTHIK™ Clinicare which I attended on Monday at K.L Convention Centre. It was in conjunction with the Beauty Expo.

First of all, just wanted to let you know what is BioTHIK™ Clinicare product about ? Cause i only heard of this brand before, but not really sure about their products.. haha. So for those clueless people, BioTHIK™ Clinicare  is really suitable for people who want to increase the volume of your hair quickly.
In just 30 seconds you BioTHIK™ Clinicare  can help you achieve the volume that you desire.

For those of you who have never heard about this product it's because it's usually more known in the saloon business, but slowly more people are getting to know this product. Cause it really effective and most importantly it's fast !

& did you know that this is a LOCAL product ! Its made locally but formulated in USA.. (Local le, don't play play.. )

Even Winnie Loo speaks highly of their product. 
(she says that ever since she started putting this product on her shelf, many customers who used it, kept coming back and requesting for BioTHIK™ Clinicare)

Most people who came for this launch are hairstyles who have their own saloons.
I guess they are the main target,  cause of the machine which is needed for the hair treatment.   

So for those of you who are interested in this product, currently only some saloons have their products.. So i would recommend to go to their online shop :  BioTHIK™ 

We headed down to the booth in the beauty expo , where they explain to us how they use the machine.

Pricing for their products..

OOTD with the machine !
(LOL ! )

Picture with other bloggers and the middle sexy lady is The Organizer who invited us, Sabrina. :)

Every girl needs to selca at some point of an event ! !  XD
(It's a girl thing.. )

this was what we got in our door gift
(FULL SIZE SAMPLES ! O.O ! happy.. haha)

and also a gift voucher for their hair treatment.

Haha. Look at my Happy face ! :)

Love this picture so much, cause my face look so flawless !! haha...
(Just so you know, no photoshop was involve !)

Lastly want to end this post with my OOTD for that day !
Remember my previous post i was saying i bought so many clothes from bangkok.
These are one of the few pieces i bought. Both Top & both from BKK.
I really love the skirt it's really unique cause it's stretchable material !
& It's so freaking cheap.. I'm not gonna tell you how cheap is it, GO BKK and you will find out !!
Seriously BKK is highly recommended place to go for Shopaholics like myself.  *wink

I seriously need to improve my facial expression when  I'm taking OOTD shots !
(My facial expression look so forceful ! )

// Crop top & Skirt from BKK // Bag from China // Shoes from H&M// 

That's all for now.
Doing some online shopping.. Will do some reviews of the online places to go and get cheap stuff !! :DD

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