Friday, 11 October 2013

Flowery Pink

Hello everyone.. :DD
I wanted to stick to my words saying that i wanted to blog more often. haha..
So here's an outfit post.. I know it's nothing much, but just wanted to show off some of my newly bought clothes from BKK ! hehe..
& also to stress to those shopaholics to visit BKK.. (*Helping BKK to promote their country !  LOL ! )

Well, It's already October.. Gonna be the end of the year soon ! ( SO FAST ! OMG !!)
There's so much of goals and aims that i haven't even started ! Spiritually , mentally and physically  !
2013 have been such a crazy year, so many things happened. (*good & bad..) 
Because of all these changes, i really need to start being serious with my life and future.. Thinking about my future really scares the shit out of me !
Until now, I still haven't decided whether to officially start working full time or to continue to study.. 
Really need some calling or sign to tell me ! haha..  In such a dilemma now.. hais.
Will need to make up my mind soon, can't keep staying in my comfort zone and expecting everyone to spoon feed me ! It's time to be a man, and do the right thing ! (* not literally be a man ! but more of doing the right thing.. haha XD)

Anyways, getting back to my outfit... :)
I tried on this outfit with my floral band which i D.I.Y-ed (Floral band <- click here to see tutorial) 
I'm quite proud of how it turn out, haha ! Self-praise !
Wanted to have a sweet look, since i hardly wear pink right ! always, black or white...
Adding some colour to my outfit !! You like ?   haha

If you want something less girly girl...
Ditch the floral band and go for something more swagger. :) haha..
So i put on my awesome sunglasses which i bought from BKK, which was only Rm4.90 ! (SO FREAKING CHEAP, Should have bought more ! haha.. )

Really love the extra gold design on the sunglasses ! 
(But it's purely for fashion, cause it doesn't have UV.. )

 So yeng right, these two shots. Cause of the wind and my professional photographer 
(a.k.a my sister !) 

Or if you're more daring , you can always collide both together ! 

// Sunglasses & Cropped Top from BKK // Skirt from H&M // Shoes from MOD// 

So be bold and daring, don't always stay in your comfort zone. 
When you know that you can achieve so much more ! 
Don't always limit yourself, cause there is always room for improvement..  *wink

Btw, just something random.
Just wanted to share with you, this Youtuber, who is an super awesome singer and also an actor on one of Nickelodeon's movie..
I'm sure most of you have heard of him, Max Schneider. 
Among all the covers i heard so far, he's de of the best ! (*no joke, really powerful voice O.O)
If you like listening to covers, his songs are a must listen !

Max Schneider - Breakeven 
(Look at his serious face, so much passion ! XD)

That's all for this post.  :)
xoxo ~ <3

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