Sunday, 20 October 2013

WeChatime / Celebrating it with 1 Million cups !

Hello everyone.. How's the weekend so far?  Hopefully, everyone is doing well. I'm been slightly busy this weekend. But anywho .. haha
Just want to share with you my visit to Chatime's 2 months old Headquarters, on last friday.
I was actually invited by Chanwon. haha.. So i was her plus one. Hopefully the next time around i will be able to be invited personally. *fingers cross.. :DD haha

Hold on, a selca shot first ! haha..

The event start at 10:30a.m ! Super early.. Thank goodness the place was so difficult to find. *& Thank God for the person who created Waze ! So we arrived ngam ngam on time, right before the emcee started talking. Btw, the Emcee was Serena C.. Who i admire and look up to, i used to always listen to her on the First time, seeing her up close in person.. *she's so hawt !

Some selca with all these beautiful ladies *wink

Then it continue with a speech by Bryan Loo, the Managing Director of Chatime Malaysia.
I know what you're thinking.. Cause i was thinking the same thing.. hahah
HIS SO YOUNG !!!  I was so shock when they announced he was the Managing Director.

Then continue with a speech by Louis Song, Country Manager of Singapore & Malaysia.
Basically, both speeches content are the reason for Chatime & Wechat Collaboration.. and what is the latest promotion for this partnership. Which of cause i'm gonna tell you in awhile. 
This is a *must must for CHATIME LOVERS !

The commencement for Wechat & Chatime Patnership !
WeChat + Chatime = WeChatime )

After the Q&A session, Bryan Loo leaded the Tour of Chatime New Headquaters.  
Actually the minute i arrived i was complementing how good the the building looks, one of the staff told me to quickly apply for a job there... hahah ! The interior is really nice, and the enviroment is really cozy.. 
Office area

Training area

Teaching us how to make their Bubble Tea.

It's such a privilege to be able to meet so many famous and succesful bloggers. 

With all these beautiful people ! :DD

So I guess you're probably thinking.. What's this promotion that everyone is talking about?

Basically, because of the partnership with WeChat & Chatime.
Wechatime is having a promotion for all Wechat users, just purchase a cup of Chatime and get the second one at only Rm1 !  O.O  !
Simply just Download the Wechat app and continue by following Chatime Official Account by, adding WeChat ID: Chatime Malaysia or you can just scan the QR Code provided below.
Hurry up and get your Chatime for Rm1, cause it will be ending on 27th Oct. 

another selca.. haha !  
(I'm quite happy with my fake lashes, cause it's been 6 years since i wore them.. but still need improvement! )

For more info go to their official website : WeChatime

That's all for now.. <3

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