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1Utama Wonder Food Adventure !

 Are you ready to go for FOOD HUNTING ?!

YAYYY! Please prepare yourself for super yummy food pictures ! This is a gonna be a post totally all about FOOD ! Which i'm sure everyone loves !  But the common thing that most of us face when we go out to eat with a bunch of people : the hardest question in the world would be " WHERE/WHAT TO EAT ?!"
So if you're like me, do read continue reading this post, cause 1 Utama together with The Butterfly Project organise a WonderFood Adventure for 50 lifestyle bloggers to go around  1 Utama's Food Street to explore the wide variety of all the awesome eateries ! ! 
This is actually my first FOOD HUNTING ADVENTURE ! So i'm really lucky and CRAZILY EXCITED to be able to be invited by The Butterfly projects !

FYI : 1 UTAMA is the WORLD's 4th LARGEST MALL ! 
Feel so fortunate being able to join such a huge event in such a LARGE MALL ! ;DD

Before starting my food adventure, wanted to just let you know why you should visit 1 Utama's Food Street ? 
Because it awesome ! YAYYYYYYY! haha. (Obviously is not just that !) *Ahem, seriously face ! 
Because 1 Utama's Food Street had a wide variety of authentic local street food that will fix any craving (savoury or sweet ! ) ! No need to travel to Penang or Melaka to eat street food anymore, just drop by 1 Utama Food Street ! 

To Begin My journey ! 
For this WonderFood Adventure, there are 15 eateries for bloggers to explore. But there are TOP 5 places which is a MUST VISIT ! and the rest of the eateries is really up to our stomach to decide ! When i first receive the invite from Tammy (our Butterfly Project's MAMAsang ! Who always take good care of us ! :) ) I was super excited ! Not only that, I had that "CHALLENGE ACCEPTED" meme face to prepare my stomach to be able to eat as much as possible !

All of us were given a Food Passport to travel around the Food Street to collect stamps from each stop we made. So we can decide whether to eat or just to get our passport stamp. When i got the passport, I straight away was looking for the best place for dessert ! haha.. Craving for something sweet... hehe ~

#1st stop is 

I'm sorry to all my Muslim friends, the food here is NON-HALAL. But no worries, come and see pictures of the food only la. Okay one right ? or just scroll to the next stop. :DD
Ninja Joe is actually the very 1st on the list, and when we arrived. Not many people was there eating, so we decided to have that first.

Our very first stamp on our Super cute WonderFood Passport ! ;D

Btw, it's self-service. Well, people always say you have to work hard for good things, right ?
(I say until like need walk to JB to get it.. haha ! )

We both ordered the HIKKORI burger !
It's served with suckling bacon strips that will BLOW YOUR MIND AWAY ! 
Seriously 2 tumbs up for this Oink Oink Burger ~

the "fake" candid. but we all know i'm posing.

I know my photography skills are not so good. But the Burger is AWESOME ! 

I saw this on their table. I was so impressed that Ninja Joe is MSG-free ! 


2nd STOP :

KO HYANG (Korean Country Delights)

Ko Hyang serves a wide range of traditional korean cuisine. It has a really simple, neat and clean enviroment.. Ko Hyang Korean Country Delights menu is based on authentic Korean home cooked food which also includes dessert, soup, appetizers, noodles & rice dishes.
It's really suitable for Asian palate, which everyone will enjoy !

It's also a plus plus for me cause they always serve cute little appetizer , and it's refillable !! (Ohhh yeahhh ! haha. being a typically Malaysian ! )  

Second round. (*ding ding*)

 My sister ordered the BIBIM BAP! :)
(The egg sits so nicely on everything !  *random)

I got the KIMCHI SOUP with Brown Rice. 
(It's quite spicy , look at the huge green chili inside the soup ! YUMMM ! I love spicy food. ;D )

ALL MINE ! haha.

Just so you know... I was FULL after the second stop ! T.T ! 
(So noob ! But i persevere and continue on ! Cause my MAKAN mood is ON ! )

3rd STOP :


Oyster king serves a variety of oyster dishes. They even serve raw oyster. But i didn't order the raw one, cause... err... I don't really like it raw. hehe. So we ordered an omelette oyster which is also called 蠔煎/háo jiān. :D 
Most people (including me), usually won't try street food like this in shopping malls. But please take my word , this is one of the "BEST" omelette oyster i have ever eaten ! No joke ! I tried the one in penang, also cannot fight ! 

Look at the size of the Oyster !
(Their so generous with their portion. & this plate is only Rm9.. )

This is how big the oyster is ... I wasn't kidding right ! HUGE !

We also ordered their fried noodles. 
(which actually recommended by the lady at the counter.. :) )

But... we were too full. So DaPao.. 

4th STOP :
SS2 Goreng Pisang (Fried Banana)

Me and my sister was actually super full already. So we hop over to SS2 Goreng Pisang to take away some of their snacks to go back to munch during our tea time ! hehe ~ 
SS2 Goreng Pisang, serves many different type of goreng goreng (fried*) snacks, such as, fried banana, yam, sweet potatoe, fried popiah and many more. They are the mother of all Goreng ! haha.

This is the Size of their fried Sweet potatoe !
(Another Huge portion !)

A selca with a snack is a must weihh.. haha..

5th STOP :

I LOVE YOU ! 老油鬼鬼 !

I LOVE YOU ! 老油鬼鬼 ! is famous for their crunchy you tiao, freshly made Tafu Fa and their Porridge ..  Their main aim, is to create a traditional taste which have a modern twist in it. 
The Food here is really suitable for people who are rushing and want to grab something light and easy. & on top of that the pricing is really reasonable.

My sis and I ordered their red bean paste bun and their normal (kosong) bun with their soya milk ! 
& the very unique thing is that the Soya milk is actually without sugar, you can add the amount of sugar you want provided at the counter ( there is a choice of white & brown sugar.. )

6th STOP :

Eat & Happy Yong Tau Foo. 

Eat their Yong Tau Foo and be Happy ! haha. 
They have many choices of Yong Tau Foo for you to choose. 
I didn't got a chance to try their Yong Tau Foo, cause i was overly full and can't really eat. 
But i just stop by to take some pictures and of cause to get my passport stamped. 
The pricing here is not too bad, it's actually quite reasonable.

take your pick. :)

7th STOP :

Seaweed Club

My sister have been craving to eat this seaweed popiah for months.. 
and when she saw that Seaweed Club was one of the eateries, she kept saying " Wahhhh, later must come, must come !" hahaha.. Dream come true ! 
Seaweed club serves a very unique popiah wrap with seaweed ! Seaweedlious ! hahaha.. There have 5 different types of flavor to choose from, Normal, Spicy, Wasabi, Tuna & Vegeterian.
Previously i mention that i love eating spicy food, so i'm sure you can guess what i ordered ! 

(This is a must try if you are a popiah lover ! The Seaweed gives it an extra crunchy texture ! HEAVEN! )

8th STOP :


Finally a dessert ! haha. YAYYYYYY ! Actually my sister is the one with the sweet tooth. 
But lately my craving for sweet food has increased ! So coming to Bisou to satisfied my sweet craving.. but they packed in a box with a sticker on the box, so i decided bring home to eat in the end. 
Bisou sells a huge variety of dessert like , cupcakes, cakes, cookies & etcc.. 

Bisou is also having a promotion now for their cupcake. Buy 5 get 1 free !

Admiring all the pretty cupcakes ! 

9th STOP

MR. Cendol !

I actually tried this a few years back at Ayer Tawar nearby my hometown
Just found out that there have one in 1 Utama. 
Don't have to go all the way down to my hometown to enjoy good Cendol ! 
Mr. Cendol doesn't only serves cendol, there also have traditional malay cuisine such like, Nasi Lemak, Mee Rebus, Rojak & etc.. :)


Enjoying our cendol session with other bloggers that we just met ! :)

A picture (On the left) taken by Choy Peng while I'm taking my Selca with my cendol. HAHAHAHA!

10th STOP:

Molten LAVA.

Come over to Molten Lava to satisfied all your dessert craving. There serve many different types of Swissroll, macarons and Cinnamon Churros, which was actually specially picked by Molten Lava for bloggers to try. 
It's super crunchy and the sweet level is just nice. ;D

want one ? 

11th STOP:

Food BOX
Food Box is a quick and easy cafe that serves chinese food and kuih-muih.. :D
FoodBox is actually located at  LG HighStreet, which is nearby Cold Storage, so its quite secluded so you can slowly enjoy your food. ;D

Kuih Kosui with Shredded coconut ! YUMMMMMMM~

busy with my phone while eating.. haha

12th STOP: 

BBQ Chicken was one the stops that i didn't manage to try their food. But no worries, I'm sure there are many other bloggers who went there to eat. You can go check them out. 
Did you know that BBQ Chicken is one of the first restaurant who uses Extra Virgin Olive Oil to fry their food.  O.O
Will definitely come back to try this place, better than you eat other fast food.
There are a variety of grilled, fried & (of cause) BBQ-ed chicken ! 

13th STOP:


Vivo serves the best American style Pizza in town because they use a traditional method of baking the pizza. After 30 years of making pizza, they have combine the traditional method with latest technology to maintain the standard of their Delicious Pizza !

Vivo is last and most satisfying stop ! Soon enough you will know why.. haha. 
Despite, both of us being super duper full and partly tired after so many food stops. 
We just came in to sit and see what do they have. 

When they said we can choose between pizza and a Volcanic Chocolate with Ice cream.. (which will you choose?... of cause DESSERT !)  but we ordered a pizza and a dessert.. & then we dapao the pizza back! haha..

See why i say this is the best stop !
(Look at the chocolate slowly flowing out.... O.O)


That is the end of my Adventure ! I'm was so fully and satisfied ! I was able to touch all the taste buds on my tongue ! 

But there were stops that i missed, cause it was almost 4pm and i was FREAKING FULL & tired ! haha..
The Outlets that i missed were : Lammeeya & Pao Xiang Bak Kut Teh ! (I heard from other bloggers that there serve really good and delicious food !) Maybe you all should go and try and let me know how it taste like.. hehe..

Before ending this amazing adventure, 1 Utama gave all of us a ONECARD membership together with a RM50 gift card! YAYYYYYYY!

For those of you who are not sure what is a ONECARD? ...
ONECARD is a 1 Utama's official privilege card. What so special about this card, if your asking?.. You are able to earn UPoints by just spending money at participating outlets. Every RM1 you spend you will earn 1 UPoint, with all the points you collect you can just use the points like cash to do instant purchases, meals, services and entertainment ! 
Not only that, ONECARD can also be used as a prepaid parking ticket for hassle-free parking. It works as a eco-friendly initiative to reduce the use of parking tickets. With ONECARD membership, you are also able to have an exclusive entry to members-only parking at ONECARD Preferred Parking & Platinum Parking area at a CHEAPER RATE !!
Isn't it GREAT ! ! Thank you 1 Utama for loving us so much !

This is my super cute ONECARD !

With Fishie ! 
(Took a pic while we were queuing up to make our ONECARD :) )

This is what is inside our goodie Bag ! :D

Loving this cute little power bank ! 

So don't forget to drop by 1 Utama 's Food Street which is located at LG Promenade & LG High Street ! There have amazing food and until the 24th of November there will be having fun filled activities for everyone! Just spend a minimum amount and you will be untitled to join the activities for free! :D

Once again would like to thank you 1 Utama for having us to join this AMAZING FOOD ADVENTURE ! And also thanks to The ButterFly Team who organized this event for all of us !  
Want to share my love to them. I really hope this is a helpful post for those foodies who are looking for food in 1 Utama ! ;D

Btw, for more info, go to > , or !

& Don't forget to LIKE The Butterfly Projects Facebook @ ! 


That's all for this super long and delicious post..

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